Hello Hello!!

It's been a while since I popped in to say hello here, but I guess it's better to pop in occasionally than never...

Here's what's been keeping me busy recently... 

It's been a lovely project to sew over Christmas and January. I'd listen to Audio books and stitch the days away. I've sewn most of the blocks together now, I've decided to add a simple border so that's another round of happy yo-yos.

My version of the Daisy-Mae quilt. 

A rainbow of pretty yo-yos all sewn together as hexagons. 

All my tricks and tips for making yo-yos and then sewing them as hexagons is in my Daisy-Mae Pillow Pattern. 

Now onto my BIG EXCITING NEWS!!! 

I'll be visiting the US in March!!! It's not long to go, but we're all used to doing things at short notice these days.. so I say jump in with two feet and you might just find you have wings!! 

My trip starts with a week in New York for sightseeing, plus a trip to Lancaster to see some Amish quilts. 
( If anyone has any New York or Lancaster tips, let me know. )


Now for some lovely Eye Candy... 

I recently popped to visit Chrissie of Chrissies Timeless Treasures, in the picturesque town of Ballan. 
It's a beautiful shop of vintage treasures, gorgeous quilts made by Chrissie, and lots of pretty fabric. 
I'll let the photos do the talking.

At home our garden has been going bananas and we've had broccoli, onions, radishes, lettuce , salad greens and purple beans. 

Very proud of our broccoli!!

It was so wonderful to have this fluffy poppy burst into bloom. 

We have glorious roses that just keep on flowering.

Roses galore!!

I took this photo because I liked the way part of the cloud looks like a big heart. 

We recently found out that our garage shed was once the local sporting field change rooms. They were relocated to our property decades ago. It's been so interesting to hear stories like that about where we live. 

Hello from the cows. 

Until next time, wishing you happy days and pretty flowers.