Where You Can Find Me

Where you can find me and my quilts. 

2018 Regular Classes

Material Obsession  Ph 02 9819 6455
2nd Tuesday of the month - Simple but effective
4th Friday of the month - Whizz Bang and Beyond

Sew Can I  Ph 02 9623 4570
4th Wednesday of the month

My Sewing Supplies 02 9542 3513  
4th Thursday of the month

2018 calendar


Saturday 13th, 2pm, I'm opening Brenda Gael Smith's Solo exhibition. Natural Abstractions, Gosford Regional Gallery Quilt NSW. The exhibition runs until 14 February. For more information visit Brenda's website: brendagaelsmith.com

Summer Exposure Exhibition, Braemar House Gallery, Springwood, NSW, 2 quilts in a group exhibition. until 21st January


Amitie, Torquay, 10th and 11th - Whizz Bang! Workshop

Illawarra Quilters 17th and 18th


Looking forward to a wonderful Sunny Qld tour:
Queensland Quilters,Brisbane, 3-6th
Fifi's Fabricology, QLD 7th & 8th

Rose Hill Stitches and Craft Show - 8-11th - My Zap Zing Zowie quilts will be on show as part of the Quilt NSW display

Quilt NSW Away Day, I will be talking about my approach to quilting, Katoomba 17th. Jenny Kee is the key speaker!!

Seaside Heritage Quilters, Forster, NSW 27-28th Looking forward to meeting these lovely quilters!


Nesting Needles - Coffs Harbour 19th - 22nd , Love the lovely Nesting Needles ladies!!

Kyneton, Vic, With You, With Me, With Them Quilt Show, Featured Quilter, 21st-29th My Quilts will be hanging and I will be there in person on Sunday 29th April.


Berry Quilt & Co  19th and 20th, Love those berry gals! Fun times guaranteed!


Quilt NSW Sydney Show- I'll be there White Gloving, and chatting..


Cottage Quiltworks 6th & 7th Warm up at this winter retreat.

The Usefulness of Art - Installation collaboration with musician Adam Simmons, Melbourne


Hello WA here I come!!
Cotton Rose Vasse, WA , 3rd 4th & 5th, workshop and trunk show
Calico and Ivy, Perth, WA, 6th, 7th & 8th, workshop and trunk show


Illawarra Quilt Show - I wont have quilts on show but I'll be visiting to enjoy all the beautiful quilts these quilters make. 8th & 9th

Going out west to Condobilin!! 15th &16th


Misty Mountains Getaway, Dorrigo, NSW 6-11th , Cant wait to see those Misty Mountains
I'll be teaching a 2 day Whizz Bang workshop, 2 day Chunky Blooms workshop, 1 day Gypsy Carnival.

Amitie: Whizz Bang Workshop!! So happy to be returning!! 20th and 21st

Cambelltown Quilters, Last weekend, Workshops at the Cambelltown Arts Center.


happy travelling... Stay tuned


Bernina Australia's featured quilter  - Come and meet me at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Quilt and Craft shows. and see my quilts at all the state Quilt and Craft shows around Australia.  Woohoo!!


  1. You HAVE been a busy one, sharing your light and inspiration with so many! It's fun to see you settling into teaching and creating as a career. Like the fortune said, I'm sure you will be successful. Happy new year to you too!

  2. Happy New Year ! So many wonderful quilts ! You achieved a lot last year and I'm sure too, this year will be at least as successful for you as last year !



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