“Rachaeldaisy has become synonymous with bold, colourful, eye popping quilts. and it’s no wonder after 20 years of being a florist experimenting and mastering colour and form.
Whilst honouring the tradition of quilting she continues to find fresh ways and new techniques to interpret conventional designs. Her use of 3D elements such as folded and gathered fabric techniques, yoyo puffs, prairie points, wool felt, appliqued and piece denim create beautifully unique textured work.

Her fresh interpretation of the art of quilting has seen her quilts awarded many prizes including Best in Show at both the 2015 and 2016 Australian Modern Quilt Show, Best in Show & Best in NSW at the 2016 Sydney Quilt Show. Most Innovative at 2017 Dare to Differ Contemporary Textiles Exhibition, 2017 Best Use of Colour Sydney Quilt Show. In 2018 her work was shown on the catwalks of Paris in collaboration with dynamic duo Romance Was Born. Rachaeldaisy’s quilts have been exhibited in quilt shows and galleries and featured in many publications both nationally and internationally.”

Hi , I'm Rachaeldaisy, pleased to meet you!

The short story is : I've been hooked on quilting since 2008. There are just so many beautiful fabrics to play with and different styles and techniques to try.
I live in the Blue Mountains, an hour west of Sydney, Australia, with my husband Mr Daisy in a garden full of colourful and noisy native birds.
That's my life in a nutshell.

People are often kind enough to compliment me on my use of colours. I do love bright colours!! It could be as simple as the Australian light is bright so we can get away with using bright colours here. 

Maybe it started when I was growing up in a very 70's home with a lime green bathroom, bright red lounge room, bright, bold Marimekko curtains hanging in every room, and all sorts of colourful artworks on the walls. We were an arty family, my father painted, my mother was a ceramicist, so we spent many weekends driving around to modern Art Galleries to see the latest exhibitions. 

Fast track to my early 20's when I got a job in a flower shop and I then spent the next 20 years as a florist. Arranging flowers is a great way of experimenting with colours, especially bright bold coloured flowers which are the fashion in Australia. I'd make on average  of 30 - 40 bouquets a day in all sorts of combinations of colours, shapes, textures and sizes , that's a lot of colour and design play!

I should that add my travels also influence me. In particularly India. The saturation of colour you see in the fabrics, decorations, markets of spices and fruits, is everywhere!! it's a feast for the eyes and soul!! 

I do like pastels too. I've got a shelf of pretty pinks that are waiting patiently to be used in a pretty girly quilt.

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