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The Whizz Bang Book! 

The 'Whizz Bang' book is now a collectors item! It's out of print and sadly the publisher Quiltmania isn't publishing books or magazines anymore.  So if you find a copy quickly snaffle it! 

You Can Find Whizz Bang here:
  • Can Do Books based in Australia has some 'Whizz Bang' books in stock and they ship all over the world!! 

  • USA - Vintage and Vogue  - Are taking orders for their last shipment of Whizz Bang books.

  • I have some copies that I mostly save to sell in person because my postal rates are so high, however if you would like to order from me the bonus is that I'll sign the book for you.  
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'Whizz Bang' has all the tricks and tips for making the captivating folded fabric mandala circles that feature in my quilts. It was made with all my heart and passion for wanting to share and excite other people about these wonderful fascinating blocks and quilts.

The first half of the book focuses on techniques and has step by step instructions for making the circles in different ways, finishing them as perfect circles, embellishments, Yo-Yos, quilting and more, while the second half has 15 projects from easy wall hangings to quilts in all types of styles to show how wonderfully versatile the blocks are. 

The publisher, Quiltmania is well known for their quality books and magazines, the text is in English and French but I find that it's easy to quickly fall into reading your language of choice. 
'Whizz Bang' is jam-packed with amazing detail photos as well as beautiful photos of the quilts, so much so that I often get compliments saying that it makes a great coffee table book, and I have many people tell me they also love the book for the fun fabric combinations and colour inspiration. I'll let the photos do the talking, they say pictures are worth 100 words.. scroll down to see some of the quilts. 

Other places you might find 'Whizz Bang'-
US - Red Thread Studios online ,
Vintage and Vogue
Australia- 'Can Do Books' , Whatever Where-ever Craft
New Zealand - Minerva bookshop in Wellington 
I have copies available. email me directly,

For those in the US you can find Whizz Bang at this shop


Red Thread Studios  - has a large range of my patterns. 

Awesome shops that sell my patterns in the US -

Red Thread Studio Online, Florida
Stitches and Craft, Olympia WA - 
Calico Creations, Mt Vernon, WA
Fort Worth Fabric Studio

The following quilts are a just a few of the projects from Whizz Bang
The quilts jump around in style different styles to demonstrate how versatile these fun techniques are, and while the projects range from very simple one circle quilts to more complex quilts, and of course there is always room for you to add your own interpretation.

Whizz Bang! (2016)
Best in Show & Best in NSW , 2016 Sydney Quilt Show

And to show I don't just make 'Whizz Bang' quilts, shown below are some of my other quilts that I have separate patterns available for. 

For patterns of my quilts visit my Etsy Shop - Rachaeldaisy Designs

Fabulous shops that sell my patterns in the US -
Red Thread Studio Online, Florida
Stitches and Craft, Olympia WA - 
Calico Creations, Mt Vernon, WA
Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Awesome Aussie Shops that sell my patterns-
Whatever Whereever, Howlong
Millrose Cottage, Ballan 
Sewn and Quilted, Melbourne
Amitie, Torquay
Sew Can I , Werrington
Patchwork Plus, Blackheath
Gum Valley Patchwork, Vic
Nesting Needles, Coramba
Country Pickins, Taree
Stitched and Framed, Port Macquare
Berry Quilt and Co, Berry
Calico and Ivy, Perth

If I've left anyone off the list please let me know... 

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