Best time in Condobolin!!!

Best time in Condobolin!!!

A couple of weeks ago Mr Daisy and I filled the Daisymobile with a stack of quilts and headed west to the remote town of Condobolin. For those who haven't heard of Condobolin, if you took a map of New South Wales and folded it into four Condobolin would be right in the center. The population stands at around 3500. It's approximately a 7 hour drive from Sydney or you could catch the train that goes once a week.  We enjoyed our drive, zooming along nice big roads with hardly any traffic and beautiful scenery. Mr Daisy drove the whole way so I could get lots of stitching done. He'd even slow done at times so I could thread a batch of needles or take a photo. We arrived mid-afternoon at the Condobolin Community Center in the heart of town. It was an old hotel built in the early 1900's that is now used for all sorts of community activities and events.  There is a little shop downstairs selling crafts made by the locals.  We

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