Hello everybody! 
I've been held captive by daily life but have snuck back for a report on my recent ( well, not quite so recent now) quilty news.

First up  - I was over the moon to find out that Happy as a Clam received a Viewers Choice award at the 2016 Springwood Community Quilt Show. It's such an honour to think people chose my quilt as their favourite. Thank you to all those lovely people who voted for me and for the lovely comments you wrote on the viewers choice voting slips. 

The other quilts I had hanging in the show were 
Yoyo's a la Mode, the quilt I made to show yoyos could be modern. If you would like to read more about this quilt pop back to an earlier blogpost here.

and Charming Smiles, a quilt designed for 5inch charm squares. One of my favourite parts of making this quilt was using lots of my vintage buttons. And here's the link to read more about this quilt.

For more photos of the Springwood Community Quilt Show visit the blog here. 


On the same weekend on the other side in France the Pour l'Amour du Fil, the International Show of The Thread was in full swing. I wasn't able to go but lucky for me some friends sent me photos. 

On the left is Diane from Butterfly Threads Quilting blog. I recently reviewed her wonderful book Scrap Quilt Secrets. Next to her is another blog friend Cecile of Patchwork Inspirations.

Cecile lives in France and Diane is from the US, I love that they met up in front of my Aussie quilt. That's Quiltmania/Simply Moderne bringing international quilters together. 

Here's another blogger meet up where my quilt stood in for me. Susan of Patchworknplay and Deborah of Sunshine through the Rain who pictured in front of my Blooming Doilies quilt at the Australian Quilt Convention. 

It's just a few days until the Sydney Show opens on Wednesday!!! I've got 2 quilts entered but I can't show sneak peeks until the opening day. It's not long to wait now...

I'm sorry I've been absent from reading all your blogs. I hope I can catch up a bit over the next few days. I know I'm in for a treat to see what you've all been up to.