I do keep wondering if I'm actually dreaming but it seems that my quilt Whizz Bang! not only won first in the Anything Goes - Mixed Techniques category but it has also won

Bernina Best in Show at the Sydney Quilt Show!!!

Wow!! Wow!! and Wow!!

The description I wrote for the quilt was
My exploration of folded point blocks such as Pine Burr, Somerset Star, Pointed Star and an old Chinese folk quilt have resulted in a sampler that is a whizz bang explosion of colour, form and fun!

Here I am with a super big smiley face. ( How cool is that sash ribbon! )

I'm a bit speechless at the moment. It's been an action packed day full of catching up with lovely friends and meeting new friends and then to win these wonderful awards is quite amazing, like a whole bowl of cherries on top.

I shouldn't forget my other quilt hanging in the show - Blue Jeans and Moon Beams. It's more understated than Whizz Bang! but it has it's own character. Turn it upside down and the scallops flip up the other way and then the backing is a whole other quilt in itself. Something that could be said about my quilts is that they are never boring. 

But wait there's more -
Lots of Dots, the Springwood Community Quilt Show raffle quilt won first place in the Group/Collaborative category. Woohoo!!! 
I'll be at the show Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will be hovering around my quilts so come and say hello if you see me - I'll be the one with the big happy smile.