I know I've said it before but my quilts travel more than I do. A few of my quilts are are in upcoming shows over the next couple of weeks so I thought I should let you know to look out for them in case you're nearby.

Australasian Quilt Convention 

For all you lucky attendees of the AQC in Melbourne, you'll be able to see my Blooming Doilies quilt. It won't be hard to find because it's part of an exhibition of quilts that were selected from the Red and White exhibit held at the Sydney QuiltNSW Show in 2015, and red and white quilts do have a way of standing out with their striking colour combo.
I know some of you will be wondering if I'm flying down for the show, I really, really wanted to but alas I wasn't able to make it happen, life is rather busy here in Daisyland these days.

Event : Australian Quilt Convention, Melbourne
Dates: 14th - 17th April
You can read more about Blooming Doilies in this blogpost

Springwood Community Quilt Show

I can hardly believe that it's less than 10 days until the Springwood Community Quilt Show! I'll have 3 quilts hanging in the show. I'll leave you in suspense for the moment as to which ones I'm showing. It's nice to have a few surprises up my sleeve.
The Springwood Quilt Show is always worth seeing with a big hall filled to the brim with beautiful quilts made by quilters of the Blue Mountains. Chris Jurd is this years featured quilter so there will be an exhibit of her quilts, and of course there are the traders tables selling an abundance of tempting wares. I'm already looking forward to the delicious treats they serve at the quilt show cafe.

Event: Springwood Quilt Show
Dates: Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th April,  10 - 4pm each day.
Venue: Springwood High School, Grose Rd, Faulconbridge.
Visit the blog for more information
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Pour l'Amour du Fil

On the same weekend as the Springwood Quilt Show, but on the other side of the world in France, my quilt Bubbles will be hanging as part of an exhibit of modern quilts at the Pour l'Amour du Fil, the International Show of The Arts of Thread. It's such a big deal for me to have a quilt on show there, I keep pinching myself.  If anyone happens to see Bubbles hanging I'd love to see a photo to prove it's not just a dream. A big Thank You to Quiltmania/SimplyModerne for spotting this quilt and treating it like a super star. 

Dates: 20th - 23rd April
You can read more about my Bubbles quilt here

World Quilt Show

I was happy as a clam when I saw that my Happy As A Clam quilt has been used on the promotional flyer for the World Quilt 2016 show. Happy As A Clam travelled around the US with the show last year and is getting another 15 minutes of fame on this flyer. Thank you to Mancuso Show management for choosing my quilt and for clearly acknowledging the quilts name and also my name.

So there you are, it seems I have quilts all over the place, adding colour to the world and hopefully making people smile. I'd like to add I'm very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and allow my quilts to have adventures like these. Hopefully one day I'll get to travel along with them to faraway exotic places. 

I started the post with a red and white quilt so I'll finish it with some red and white cards and wish everyone a fun chirpy week.