Thank you to everyone for such wonderful comments and interest shown in my swap card collection. (I replied to everyone with a picture of a card or two except those who I didn't have an email for. Hopefully the pictures in this post will make up for those who missed out.)
With so many of the images on the cards being American themes I assumed that swap cards must have originated in the US but then I was surprised at how many people hadn't heard of them. I decided to investigate and with a little research I discovered that it was an Australian who came up with the idea of "Swap Cards".
Mr Ernie Colhoun had just returned from WW2 and was looking for a way to make a living. He had the idea after realising "Boys had matchbox cars and Scanlan type football/sports trading cards but girls had nothing."

Ernie Colhoun started by buying large number of playing card decks and making bundles of assorted cards. He sold these onto newsagents and toy shops around Melbourne and then to regional areas. The idea took off and by the 1950's companies started to print swap cards with blank backs.

They continued to be popular until the 80's when schools banned cards due to theft and arguments. What a shame. There were never any fights or theft when I was swapping with my friends. There are still collectors around the world but they are most popular in Australia.
Some people asked where to find swap cards. While you may get lucky and find these cards at a second hand store or garage sale I've found Ebay is a convenient way to purchase them. Sometimes people are selling their collections which is a great way to get a fun mix of random cards. Do a search for "Swap Card Collection" or "Swap card bulk" to buy a few at once and get a head start on your own collection.
So there you go, I've found out new things about swap cards too. I would never have known all this if I hadn't shared the cards on my blog and learned from your comments. I've been thinking it could be fun to incorporate the cards in my blogging in some way.

I'd love to know what you think...

Should I pick some cards to share in my replies to comments?
Maybe finish every blog post with a swap card or two?
A swap card post once a week or month?
Or have you had enough of them and I should leave them be?
Any other ideas?

Scrap Quilt Secrets Giveaway winner!!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in the Scrap Quilt Secrets Giveaway. It's wonderful to think of lots of versions of Diane Knott's scrappy quilts will be made all around the world. I wish I had hundreds of books to give away but alas there can only be one..
and the lucky winner is Karen S of Sunburnt Quilts - Yay!!

For those who didn't win a copy watch out for it at your local quilt shop or here's an easy link to Scrap Quilt Secrets on Amazon. In no time you'll be turning all those scraps into beautiful quilts!