A little while ago I received a beautiful heart felt gift...

 featuring a felt heart. 

It was made by the wonderful Suz of PatchworknPlay, in celebration of Mr Daisy's and I's special day.

It looks perfect hanging in our bedroom, as though it was made to be there.

I also received a special parcel from my lovely bloggy friend Linda of Koshka2 Quilts
It contained some pretty fabrics and a gorgeous patchwork pouch with a strawberry needle book. 

 Hand stitches always add that bit of extra magic, don't you think?

They arrived just as I'd just been thinking I needed something better than a plastic bag for my binding clips. It didn't take long to assemble a little binding set containing wonder clips, some snips and my favourite needles for binding in the needle book. Now I'll be ready to sew bindings at a drop of a hat. 

And finally - Yes, I have been sewing, besides the denim birds in my last post... some more flowers for my Daydream Garden quilt

And this block you've seen before but I added the black circles to give it some oomph!

But mostly I've been sewing labels onto the quilts I've entered into the Springwood Community Quilt Show which is soon approaching on the last weekend of April, and quilting my Sydney Quilt Show quilt which is not until June but the way the year is flying by it'll be that time soon enough. 

As for pictures of the quilts, all will be revealed in the fullness of time :)