Last Saturday was a day of not one but two special occasions. 
The first was the Annual Airing of the Quilts by the Caring Hearts Quilters. This group of enthusiastic quilters makes quilts for various charities. 

I was given permission to share the quilts so I went camera crazy and took heaps of photos. Normally I would give the quilters of the quilts credit but was told they are made as a group and the patterns are inspired by books or magazines but often tweaked to suit the fabrics on hand. 
Please excuse the odd light in some of the pictures, the afternoon shadows were making things a little tricky.

The setting for the show is part of the attraction. It is held at the Arms of Australia Inn Museum in Emu Plains, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The buildings provide the perfect backdrop from which to hang quilts and it's lovely to see other quilts displayed draped over old fences and machinery. 

As you can see there were a zillion quilts, all destined to brighten up and add comfort to people's days.

Occasionally a breeze would blow gently through the quilts and they would flap their corners in a merry way. Just part of the magic of seeing quilts hanging outside.

I peeked behind a row of quilts and discovered a painted cart bathed in a hot pink glow 

Most of the group's supplies are donated which accounts for their eclectic fabric choices. It's one of the things that makes the show so exciting, being able to see unusual mixes of fabrics used in a clever, crafty ways.

Oh so pretty in pink!

Hello Sunshine!!

What a great modern quilt. It reminds me of fried eggs. 

Pretty applique.

I spied a blue daisy!! How beautiful is the quilting on this one. 

Talking of blue daisies - The second special occasion on Saturday was my 5th blogiversary.
Five years!! It's hard to believe 5 years have flown by in a whirl of sharing sewing adventures, taking photos, making up stories, holiday snaps, and mountain views, flowers and floral arrangements. throw in a new home along the way and a wedding too. On top of all those things I have met so many wonderful, inspiring people from all around the globe. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to share my journey. I do have a celebratory giveaway planned but I think we've had enough photos for one day so stay tuned. 

... well,  maybe we could have just one more photo.