This morning I was wandering around my garden when I spied a pretty nest...

I snuck in closer, peeked inside and saw two little eggs with flowery markings.

I'd never seen eggs like that before so I decided to sit down nearby and wait to see if the owner of the nest would come home...

It wasn't long before a whirl of colourful plumage and flapping wings announced the arrival of the occupant.

Luckily I had my handy Which Bird Is That book with me. I flipped through the pages and soon found the picture of the bird in the nest. Why, of course, it was the very rare Blue Mountain Daisy Denim Bird, I should have known.

Just as I was reading that they nest in pairs another bird landed with a flap and a flurry. This one had the distinct markings and the daisy eye of the female of the species.

She made herself at home while Mr Bird flew away in search of food. 

 I went on to read that Blue Mountain Daisy Denim Birds have a call that sounds very much as though they are saying " Happy Easter to everyone!!" in a clear, chirpy, sing song voice.

And indeed it is Easter so I'll echo with a "Happy Easter Everyone!!", and a very happy Spring to those up above and happy cool breeze Autumn to the lovelies down under.
Merry times to one and all.