With all the reports of blizzards, snow and rain in the Northern Hemisphere I thought it would be nice to share some warmth with some sunny snapshots. I know when it's winter here I always appreciated seeing summery photos. 

It's a random mix of photos taken over the last month or so. Just things that caught my eye. 

The stripes of light streaming through curtains.

The glory of light giving the trees an unearthly glow.

Freshly picked tomatoes straight from the garden.

Fruity fun breakfasts! Cherries, peaches, mangos, pineapple...

We made cantelope rock melon sorbet made simply by putting the fruit into an icecream machine. No flavours, preservatives just good wholesome fruit. The white icecream is made with creamy coconut milk. I added the basil leaves as garnish and it's aromatic flavour added a herbaceous spice to the icecream. The next sorbet we want to try is watermelon and mint, mmmm.

What could be sunnier that a bright cheery sunflower

Exotic blooms and...

...banksias and proteas look as though they're made to survive hot summer days.

How about a nice mountain view.

Or a quiet place to sit.

We've had some sun showers to balance out the warm days, I came across this giant puddle and loved how there was another world reflected on the water.

Our garden is full of birds, noisy cockatoos, laughing kookaburras and colourful parrots of all types. I wish I was better at taking photos of birds but they're just too quick for me. I did however manage to capture this pretty parrot. In fact I think he took pity on me and kindly posed. I know he is such a lovely shade of green but it's just a shame he blends into the background. 

One last photo, 
of summer coloured stitches. Isn't it great that sewing suits all types of weather! 

Happy warm stitching to those in the Northern Hemisphere, and happy refreshing breezes to those in sunny lands.