The other day I found myself looking at some fabric and before I knew it I was off in a daydream...

... sailing on the gentle waves of a green tea sea, with a sky full of stormy clouds that looked like mini flowers floating across the sky.

I landed the boat on an island and started to explore. There was a sign saying " This Way". Why not? I thought and off I went. I enjoyed hiking over hills in hues of turtledove and olive gold. The grass blowing gently in the breeze reminded me of brushstrokes on an impressionist's painting.

Eventually I arrived at some beautiful gardens, with lovely flowers as far as the eye could see! 
I admired fields full of breezy, bouyant, daisy dots edged with ume flowers.

In another garden bed I spied some beautiful blooms - Stone flowers. They were growing neatly in rows with their upturned leaves waving to the skies.

Nestled behind them was a trellis covered in dense white vintage roses. You can imagine how lovely they smelt.

All the adventuring had made me hungry so I pulled out some shortbread biscuits in the shape of big round flowers. nibble nibble nibble

So delicious with a cup of rose hip tea.

I sighed with content and with a happy heart my day dream vanished

and there I sat with pretty fabrics around me, waiting for me to sew.

I hope you enjoyed my little story. It was inspired by the latest of range of fabrics from Australian designers, Umbrella Prints. called Flowers. All the words in bold are the names of the fabrics, I did include a couple of prints from past collections, they all work so well together! Umbrella Prints uses 100% Organic fabrics, almost good enough to eat, but I'll use them for sewing, I think they'll look great as a quilt... well, what did you expect? :)