Today is the first of the month and I'm giving February a hearty welcome with a shower of rose petals. It's the month of Valentine's, after all, with it's romantic rosy ways and messages of love.

So armed with a bag of rose petals I set out to see what petaliscious photos I could take...

Rose petals are like floral whispers, so utterly romantic and luxurious. They make me think of exotic faraway places, aromatic perfumes, Cleopatra's bath, English garden weddings, turkish delight, scented tea...

I used the petals to make new little flowers. 

And then a heart, with a rose at it's heart.
Love is in the air

Eventually I took my petals outside

and scattered them on the grass 

and made a fun surprise for Mr Daisy

It made him laugh, in a lovely, hearty way.
A little bit later he mowed the lawn. I like the idea that those whispering petals mingled with the grass to make to make our garden a little sweeter. 

So Happy February to one and all, and I hope this post is a friendly reminder to take time out to smell the roses.