Show and Tell...

 Have you been wondering what I've been getting up to??

Well... I've been sewing more of these Ferris Wheel blocks that I started at Quilt Camp in a class with Chris Jurd.

And here's the finished top!! This is definitely going to be hand quilted with perle thread. It's been far too long since I did any quilting. 

It reminds me of afternoon tea...lovely linens, darling doillies, dash of milk and a dollop of cream. There's even a cup of tea. 

I've been hand sewing too...

To balance working with all those creams and whites it's nice to get a blast of colour.

My Sis Boom hexagon project!  This is one of those long term projects that I pull out and work on for a bit until I get distracted. I love it though, maybe I just don't want it to ever finish. I've got my eye on some great fussy cutting fabrics in Jennifer's new range Happy Land which should be coming out any day now...

 It's a great project to grab and go.. I keep my blocks in this folder/book that I whipped up after seeing one my friend Lorraine had made. It has pages of batting that the blocks stick to. I prepare the hexagons and keep them pinned in a little bag with the corresponding block.

Playing with safety pins... basting my Wild Thing quilt. Simple line quilting should suit this party of chunky zebra stripes.

Here's a sneak peek of a quilt I've just finished binding. I'm saving the big reveal for The Bloggers Quilt Festival which starts on 26th October.

 While I was in the garden photographing my work Gbf proudly showed me his compost and worm farms. Worms aren't very photogenic but how about these brocolli..
 Love those big grey blue green leaves!

As you can see I've been a busy daisy!! 

I'll be giving Friendly Friday a miss this week.. We've got some lovely visitors coming to visit...


Show and Tell...


  1. My, you have been busy! Your ferris wheel quilt is amazing! Are they real doillies that are appliqued to the top? Beautiful! And what can I say about the Sis Boom hexagons? Stunning!

  2. Lovin' your take on neutral miss daisy! Your hexie project is simply beautiful and I'm really looking forward to your quilt reveal at the end of the month. xx

  3. Stacks of variety in your quilts.
    The ferris wheel quilt is fascinating. Love the combination of pieced fabrics and trimmings.
    Sis Boom is growing nicely and I do like the storage book you have made for the blocks.
    What can I say about the zebra stripes? There is so much fun in these blocks - they suggest a party of some sort!! Go wild!
    Lovely to see all the goodies you have been working on.

  4. What wonderful quilts. The Ferris wheel quilt is lovely but I just love those fun hexagons!

  5.!! So much beauty coming out of your hands. I LOVE the afternoon tea quilt with its neutral colors and doilies. Your hexies are stunning too. I'll look forward to seeing your quilt for the festival. Have fun with your visitors! I've got to go look again.

  6. Im OOhing and Ahhing over your afternoon tea quilt Miss Rachael - its stunning! ... what an ingenious idea to store your hexy project and looking forward to seeing your quilt festival masterpiece!!

    PS those broccolis look pretty tasty too!


  7. Oh Rachael what a happy colourful post...and those ferris wheels are amazing! Pretty good looking broccoli you have there too....

  8. i LOVE Your quilt, wow, the ferris wheels are so amazing. I really LOVE this quilt...symbolic to me
    congrats on a great finish....Kathie!

  9. Oh wow I love the ferris wheels, beautiful neutral palette and with lots of yummy texture with the different fabrics and lace doilies. Love the hexagons too and that folder/book is a great idea.
    The broccoli is looking great.

  10. Your Ferris Wheel looks lovely and you have managed to capture a stunning use of neutral colours. well done. Love your hexagons.

  11. You have been a super busy daisy and everything looks amazing and wonderful.

  12. wow friend you've been super busy!
    I love your Ferris Wheel top. It has such a great vintage feel. You are right it reminds me of linens and powdered sugar on tea cakes.
    Is this completely your unique design? I love all the touches of lace and other interesting bits.
    Your hexies are great - what size are they? such fun fabrics, i love the big flowers in the centers!
    can't wait to see wild thing quilted and also your blggers festival.
    I'll have to remember to sign up this time.
    great exciting post

  13. oh! p.s.
    hooray for a worm farm!
    and yes, the broccoli is so pretty. I've never grown it but i love to eat it.

  14. So now I'm exhausted from reading what you accomplished ;-)
    I'm loving the sneak peak of the zebra quilt... can't wait to see it finished !
    and the ferris quilt top is wonderful, too !

  15. WOW WOW WOW Rachael!!! You are amazing and have been very busy working on your gorgeous projects!! I love everything, especially the hexagons =D The book you have to store them in is really neat!!

    The broccoli is sooo pretty. I never get to see it like that since I get mine from the grocery store =P

  16. Rachael! Love every bit of this post. I really needed a bit of inspiration today and your photos--esp. the Sis Boom hexie project--have really brightened up the morning.

    Your Ferris Wheel top looks like it's been influenced by your tea poppet. :)

  17. Wow Rachael! That ferris wheel quilt is unbelievable! I love everything about it! Gorgeous! And, of course, those hexie blocks are fantastic, too! And I can't wait for the big reveal of your newest quilt!'ve definitely been busy! Yay!

  18. Loving your low volume ferris wheels and your hand sewing delights!

  19. From zebras to afternoon tea. All so georgeous and stirs memories of life at the waterhole.
    Hexagons are so cheerful and rich in color. definately Paris!!
    You have been extra busy and a busy stitcher is a Happy one.
    Just great....

  20. Gosh Rachael you've been crazy busy.

    LOVE the Ferris wheel quilt. The lace is just darling and the hexies and wild thing quilt are pure eye candy!

  21. Love, love the hexies, the colours are just beautiful

  22. Love, love your Ferris wheel blocks, and you block holder, very cute:will have to make one of those!!! You have been a busy daisy indeed!!

  23. YES!!!
    I had been wondering what you a up to. I see somethings very good! So good to see all your wips.
    Glad you are sewing. I love your wagon wheels, they are as soothing as those blue/green broccoli leaves.
    That patch of wild flower seeds is darling too.

  24. I am impressed - you have been busy! I LOVE LOVE that Ferris Wheel quilt! It is truly fabulous, Rachael! And your EPP is looking great. Could you send along a bit of motivation my way???? I seem to be in a slump ;/

  25. Yay compost & worms & broccoli!
    It is funny to think of you doing "low volume" but, of course, you did it beautifully. Love it! And I always love your Bright Work.
    Happy Stitching!

  26. Very lovely....I love all those neutrals in the ferris wheel, and of course the Sis Boom hexagon project is truly fab :)

  27. You've totally blown me away!! Love! Love! the soft tones of your Ferris Wheel blocks and I'm after some Happy Land. Wow!

  28. Oh Rachel your Ferris Wheel quilt is gorgeous! I love the doillies. Hand quilting with perle thread will be perfect. Your hexagons look amazing. Its going to be a special quilt.
    We have a compost too and worms are very good to photograph. they just can't stay still long enough to give you a smile!

  29. Hello! I am putting together a color presentation for Portland Modern Quilt Guild and your quilt Dollop of Cream is such a beautiful low volume quilt I would love to have your permission to use it. Best!


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