Friendly Friday - Regan of Floating on a Quilted Cloud

It's Friendly Friday party time!!
 This week we have the delightful Regan from Floating on A Quilted Cloud. Isn't that the best blog name? Regan is so much fun! She really makes me laugh and her quilts are always stunning, as you will see...
Over to you Regan..

Hi Regan,Tell us a bit about yourself?    Usually, I tell people that my hubby and I are retired now, and that I like to quilt, golf and garden.  But I think that's just about what I do, not really who I am.  So.......I guess I'm kindof a bossy, know-it-all, take charge kindof gal who is really very introverted and would rather be in the background at all times!  It's a bitter battle with myself every day!  :o)

What enticed you to start quilting?  My mother-in-law and I thought we would take a class together back in 1983.  It was going to be a 'bonding' experience, and it turned out really well.  We lived in southern CA at the time, and we drove up to Eleanor Burns' place for a Quilt in a Day class.  We each made a queen sized Roman Stripe quilt, tied, and used them on the bed for several years.  I just had no idea about dark/medium/light back the whole quilt was very washed out, even though I thought I had the whole range of tones.  I think, because of my 'boring quilt', I got really interested in scrap quilting.  Tons of colors, patterns, and anything goes.  I've never done another 'planned' quilt with just 5 fabrics again!  And I'm totally in awe of anyone who can go to a fabric store and pick out 6 bolts, and have them look like something!  I just can't do that!  Give me scraps any day......I'll be happy!

What do you love about quilting?  Being able to create something that is useful and beautiful at the same time.  I'm also in love with old-timey crafts and antiques, and quilting fits that beautifully.  I used to make braided rugs and did tatting, but once quilting took over my life, everything else has been put on the back burner!  I love reading about and seeing antique quilts, and am always amazed when I think of the tools and lighting they had back then, and what beautiful work they were able to achieve.  Makes me feel a little guilty when I buy a new ruler!

Is there any part of the process that you don't like?  I pretty much love everything about quilting.......but I guess there is one little thing.  I never use a pattern exactly as written, and usually draft or sketch my quilt out on graph paper.  I make all the changes and do all the math, put in all the measurements and figure out the cutting.......and then there's that one moment.....right before I make the first cut into the fabric, that I hesitate, and think......Maybe I should check my math again!?!  It's that uncertainty that messes with me every time.  And, of course, I go back and do the math again......just in case!  If I could get rid of that uncertainty.....then it would be perfect!  Until the binding is on, I'm usually thinking that there will be something to change or fix.  I have several blogs that I follow where they 'play with fabric' and what comes out it fabulous!  They seldom measure or worry about things fitting, and I think that's what is missing in my quilting sometimes.  But I'm not sure I could ever just 'roll with it' like they do.  But maybe with a glass of wine!?!  lol

Do you have a favourite sewing saying or motto?  I've amended a's, "Measure 6 times, cut once!"

What model sewing machine do you use?  I now have a Juki's kindof an industrial machine for home use.  It's wonderful; goes about 900 miles a minute!  I love everything about it!  It's also got a nice big neck (about 9 inches) so I can fit a queen sized quilt under it pretty well.  I used to have a Euro Pro (that my hubby surprised me with from HSN) and it had the small 4" neck on it.  That was a bear to get even a twin sized quilt under!  I'm so happy with my Juki now!

Do you listen to music while you sew? What is your favourite type or cd?  I usually have a dvd playing while I'm sewing, something that I've watched a million times, so I just listen to it.  I love putting on Columbo or Murder, She Wrote, or any of the Jane Austen movies.  But every now and then, I'll find I'm watching the movie, and not sewing!  I don't get much accomplished on those days!

What is your favourite food?  Anything baked, anything with chocolate, or anything Mexican!  And ice cream!  Yum!

Tell us about the house block you've made?  My fabric stash is totally different from Rachael's.  And when I happened onto her blog, I was instantly envious of her colors and patterns, and how she put it all together!  I love her style and ability to make a masterpiece with impact!  I kept saying (to torture my hubby!) that "if I were to ever get rid of all this fabric and get a whole NEW stash, it would be just like Rachaels!"   (It will never happen, but I keep threatening him with it!)   So when I made my little house, I tried really hard to put together some wild and fun colors, since I didn't have any 'fun' fabric.  Orange is about as exciting as I get!  So I think I like the roof the best!  And that it's pretty small......we like small!

Thanks Rachael......this was fun!  It's not often I think about these things, and it's kindof fun to ponder the answers!  Makes you realize we are so lucky to have this wonderful craft within our means and talent, and this amazing blog family to share ideas and inspiration with.  I get so inspired by the blogs I follow.......I'm so glad I found yours!  Big hugs sweetie!

And Big Hugs to you too Regan!!! This house just lights up the starry night with it's bright happy fabrics. I love the violet flower fields and and the blue path that leads to the welcoming door. A fussy cut flower in the window is a such sweet touch. And I have to say I think you have lots of fun fabulous fabrics!!! 

Pop over to Regan's blog Floating on a Quilted Cloud to find out what she's been up to the past month... she's been a busy gal !! 

NEWS FLASH -- Regan is having a celebrating 100 posts and 100 followers and is having a Give Away!!! 

And a super fun happy weekend to everyone!!! 
Ps I know I've been a bit quiet on the blog lately, I've have been sewing, I promise I'll share what I've been up to sometime next week...
Friendly Friday - Regan of Floating on a Quilted Cloud


  1. There's a lot to like about Regan! Firstly she uses a Juki! Yeh! And look at those quilts! Are they all hers or are some vintage finds, I wonder? Love the yellow one, the purple one and the Caribbean one!! Off to visit!

  2. Those are all Regan's quilts!! Aren't they fabulous!! Some are inspired by vintage quilts. In fact one is inspired by a vintage quilt that by coincidence belongs to Linda from Quilts in The Barn blog.

  3. It was lovely to read about Regan , her quilts are Amazing! Thanks for another Friendly Friday, cant wait to see what youve been up to!

  4. Regan is a treasure! What great spirit! I love that she is both bossy and introverted! LOL! She does amazing quilts. Thanks for the Friendly Friday, Rachael!

  5. Fun wee night time bungalow there :o)

  6. I love Regan's quilts, especially the ones with that looks like pinwheels? I forgot what that block is called. I just loved the way she put it together!!!
    The stars in the sky of her house blocks are just perfect. I love it!!!!!

  7. Holy cow, Rachael! This was so much fun! And I can't believe you found so many of my quilts among all my quilt show posts! You rock! lol

    Can't wait to see what you've been up to lately in your sewing room! Yay!

  8. Regan's block is great!--regardless of the differences between her stash and yours. I'm still chuckling over her idea of replacing her entire stash with one like yours. I think everyone needs a bit of the Rachaeldaisy vibe in their stash.

    And I also think that she's doing a great job working the way she works best. She may not feel like she's "playing" the same way some of us do, but I can still see the love and fun in her quilts. That's something that only comes from wholehearted enjoyment of the process.

  9. Another great interview! Love Regan's description of herself AND her quilts!

  10. Stupendi i quilts di Regan!!!!

  11. Regans creative talent with what she considers scraps are gorgeous, the house block had me singing twinkle, twinkle little star :)

  12. Another fun Friday post. I'm enjoying meeting new quilters and seeing their houses.
    Looking forward to the quilt !!

  13. wonderful interview, Regan must be a kind and fun person.
    Love her quilts, especially the first one, but also the purple one ( which is strange, because I'm not into purple )

  14. what a fun piece on Regan! It was so fun to see so many of her quilts.
    I love her exuberance and style!
    Her house block is so fun and love that it is a night scene -
    wonderful post!!

  15. Lovely interview measure 6 times cut once...can thoroughly resonate with that one! Thanks for the giveaway tip,..I'll go over and have a look!

  16. What fabulous roof fabric! Another great house block Rachael. You lucky duck. Regan sure does make stunning quilts.


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