Friendly Friday - Karen of Just Purrfick

This weeks Friendly Friday featured guest is one of my very earliest followers. Before I even knew what a follower was the lovely Karen of Just Purrfick was leaving me wonderful comments. Karen is an all rounder, she quilts, crochets, does beautiful stitcheries and makes the cutest softies and dolls, some of which you are about to see...

Hi Karen, tell us a bit about yourself? I am a 39.99 plus P&H female from currently sunny Melbourne.  Share my life with my angel of a partner.  Without him I would require a straight jacket.

How long have you been quilting? If I tell you that, you will know how old I am.  Ok so I havent reached retirement age yet.

What enticed you to start quilting? My sister in law was having a baby and their idea of what was suitable for a baby horrified me.

What do you love about quilting? One word - variety.

Is there any part of the process that you don't like? Nope.  Like it all most of the time.  

Do you have a favourite sewing saying or motto? Measure twice cut once, then double check that too and "the hurrier I go the behinder I get".  You might need to think about that one.

What model sewing machine do you use? Brother for piecing, Singer for quilting

Do you listen to music while you sew? What is your favourite type or cd? This entirely depends on my mood, sometimes just the bird chatter is enough company, sometimes I need more and then it is radio station Gold 104.3.

What is your favourite food? Anything that isnt still alive in any way.  I dont eat red meat so that leaves me chicken which I love and fish/seafood which I also love.  Dont like anything that used to live in a shell though.  I absolutely love all my veggies.  My in-laws think I am weird as I will happily load up my plate with veggies when they all get indigestion from pigging out on a roasted hunk of meat.

Do you have any furry friends that keep you company while you sew? Currently only have one feline fur baby who loves nothing more that sitting on top of what ever I am currently working on.  She wont move until I have paid her enough attention, then I wont see her again until she want something else.  Then there is Charlie the feral feathered thing that tries to eat me when ever I change his seed or water.  He is happy as larry if hubby does it.

Tell us about the house blocks you've made? First one didn't turn out the way I hoped, second one was better but still not that happy with it, but as it was way late, I thought I really should send them to you.  I might one day surprise you and send exactly what I had in my mind.

Wow! I love this bright happy fun house!! It literally Sparkles!!! Who could want more than a house made of love with happy fairies inside, birds and cats in a flowery garden and a yellow brick path leading to the door...

but wait folks, that's not all...

Karen made another house...

An amazing paper pieced house on point! It's such an Aussie house with wattle and even a galah in the tree. I love the blue daisy sky!
Thank you Karen!!! Big hugs to you for making these two wonderful blocks!!! They're both absolutely wonderful!!

Karen's having a bit of bloggy break at the moment but you can pop over to visit her blog Just Purrfick to check out past posts.

Wishing everyone a funny sunny weekend!!!
Friendly Friday - Karen of Just Purrfick


  1. Karen's blocks are wonderful! One question though..what is a P&H female???

  2. Karen has many craft talents and i love how she answers those questions lol
    I adore those those little soft animals and that bat is so cute!!

  3. Fabulous, fascinating post. Thank you.

  4. Fabulous, fascinating post. Thank you.

  5. wow what a talent! I love her stitchery and her soft stuffed pieces. They are so funny and creative.
    The house is magnificent with all the special details. Who knew there were so many blue daisy prints?
    The pp house on point is wonderful too. I've never seen that before.
    Thanks Rachael for another great interview - fun reading!

  6. I love Karen's softies!!! I also love the fact that she is a multi-crafter =D
    I love the little house block on point!! It's like a little house on a hilltop in the woods with the big blue sky in the background!!! LOVE!!
    Oh and the little fairies in the window of the other house....with a happy kitty in a little kitty house...Oh my gosh....CUTE!!!!! Such a happy little home!!
    Thank you Rachael for introducing us to another amazing crafter!!!

  7. Her stitchery is great! I love the pic of all the little guys in the chair "having a time-out!" Too funny!

  8. Love Karen's on point house block! Of course, the other block with all that happy energy going on is wonderful too. You can see her imagination gets regular play time. Nothing better than that!

  9. What a fun interview. I just love her stuffies and house blocks. Thanks for introducing me to another lovely Aussie!

  10. ANother great post Rachael, it's nice learning about your bloggy friends. Both the house blocks from Karen are great aren't they, love the details.

  11. Hey Rachael I love Karen's sense of humour! You have a great weekend too...Tarantara!

  12. Fridays Friends are always so much fun to meet and Karen was great. Both blocks are so bright and very happy. Thankyou and thank Karen for great eye candy.

  13. Great interview and great house blocks. I just adore the little touches Karen added with some of her fabrics.

  14. Karen is a very talented lady ! I love the picture of the critters turned facing away on that chair. Cute!


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