I'm doing my happy Friday dance!!This weeks guest isn't a blogger but she's a very special friend and a faithful follower of my blog and she always listens as I chat about all my bloggy friends... It's GBF's mum!!! If Joan had a blog it would be all about yummy food, wonderful travels, fun family times and fabulous thrifty finds. She would have sneak peeks of  creative projects because they're often gifts, You'll find out more as you read on...

Hi Joan, tell us a bit about yourself?
I am in my seventies, and I live in a retirement village in Victoria with my lovely  "GBF" (the older version).

How long have you been quilting?
I tried to make a quilt many years ago, and it still sits in the cupboard. I do look at it occasionally - maybe one day!!

What other crafts do you do? I have always 'fiddled' with crafty things, I think this comes from my mother who always had busy hands. For years, I sewed clothes for kids, and ballet dresses and costumes for performers in our lives. I knit when we travel, and as we travel quite a bit, I knit quite a bit - mostly small bears for either Red Cross or the Salvation Army - small is easy to manage in the car

What do you love about getting crafty? It is fun to give shape and meaning to bits and pieces. Traditionally, my GBF and I have made things for Christmas presents, sometimes producing things that will be loved, other times making our family and friends roll their eyes and wonder where they will hide their latest gift. The gifts are always made with love as the major ingredient.

What's your favourite crafting tool or accessory? The unpicker seems to always feature in my projects, so I guess it could be called a favourite!

Do you listen to music while you sew/knit ? What is your favourite type or cd?  We both love theatre and classical music and GBF whistles a lot, providing a fun background to our 'works'.

What is your favourite food? Good question - sadly it would take ages to write my favourites - I haven't tasted many things that I would not like to have again.

Tell us about the house block you've made? My first block! When you put the idea for your quilt on your blog, I thought I'd like to have a go at that. With no knowledge, but a lot of sewing background, and a lucky find in a magazine, I produced the house. I made it orange for you and as we were away from home every stitch was done by hand. I did feel good about producing something for a friend that we both love a lot.

Joan, Thank you so much!! I really love the way your block looks like a happy story book house, a little bit like gingerbread, good enough to eat! You are right about my fondness of orange. It's fun because it's one of the only blocks that have been appliqued. And I think it's great you made it while travelling, that means there will be some sea breezes stitched into the seams. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! I hope you have fun things planned!! I'll be sewing so I might just have something to show you next week... :)