Friendly Friday - Terry's New Thread

Another week has flown by and it's time for Friendly Friday again!
 Our guest this week is Terry of Terry's New Thread. Terry doesn't live too far away from me so we've actually met in person. I can say she's just as lovely in real life as she is in blog life. 
Terry was recently asked if she was a traditional or modern quilter. She came up with the perfect answer - she's a Fusion Quilter. 
That's my idea of quilting, throw it all in, a bit of the old, something new,  it all works as long as you're having fun. I'll be calling myself a Fusion Quilter if I get asked.

Without further ado it's time for the interview...  

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm an Aussie by choice, I've spent all but the first 6wk of my 41 years of marriage in The Lucky Country.
I have 2 wonderful daughters and 2 wonderful grand children. Born in the USA New England. 

How long have you been quilting?
I started quilting long before rotary cutters. Making about ten quilts over the next 20 years. As one bed quilt wore out it was replaced. All but the first quilt was machine pieced and tied so I guess there is the question of terminology. To me they were quilts.

What enticed you to start quilting?
My father taught me to sew and I had been making my own clothes through most of High School and saving scraps. My  younger brothers both received bow tie quilts which I really liked. Maybe secretly coveted. I studied them working out that they were just squares cut into shapes and sewed back together again. I was in my late teens 18/19 and just did it. We migrated in 1971 and the quilt was packed in the trunk and shipped to Australia.

What do you love about quilting?
Seeing it all come together. I like the journey from fabric and pattern choice (or not) to the finish. Serious quilting began in the 90's with and empty nest, the growth of quilting in Australia and the time stitching gives me to contemplate.

Is there any part of the process that you don't like?
Not real good at binding. If the quilt is completed visually and not needed it might wait hum? Years? Well I have one that has waited at least 3 years and is still waiting.

Do you have a favourite sewing saying or motto?
From my Dad "sewing is following a blueprint" well most of the time except when you wing it.

What model sewing machine do you use?
Bernina 920 a pre computer workhorse that I love.
Bernina 150 newer and it has a nice blanket stitch which I'm learning to use after 12 years of ownership. Can't rush things!!

Do you listen to music while you sew? What is your favourite type or cd?
I listen to A.B.C. 702. Music is very diverse and sometimes I piece consistently enough to follow the book reading or the Boyer Lectures. Not so much recently.

What is your favourite food?
All food is GOOD!!  cookies?

Do you have any furry friends that keep you company while you sew? 
Over the years I have had the pleasure and company of three wonderful cats. I'm thinking it might be time to make a new acquaintance soon.

Tell us about the house block you've made?
I attended the Springwood Quilt Show in 2010. I was gob smacked by a joyous Beatles quilt. Turned out it belonged to Rachael. Blogland gave us the opportunity to become friends. These days I look up at her BlueMts every morning as I make the coffee. The surrounds of the house are an interpretation of the landscape. The house is a reflection of Rachael's joy in color and friends. 

Yay!! I love this fun, friendly, wonky house block set in the Blue Mountains!!!  It's so happy!!! Terry's use of yellow is a wonderful reminder of the Beatles quilt that she had admired.

And here we are in our Bloggy Denim Jackets . TNT and Blue Mountain Daisy - an explosive duo!

Pop over to Terry's blog, Terry's New Thread to see the wonderful Drunkards Path quilt she is working on..
Have a super fun weekend everyone!! 
Friendly Friday - Terry's New Thread


  1. Hi Rachael...what a fun interview from a Fusion Quilter...I love that term's lovely getting to know Terry a little more through your wonderful blog!

  2. Thank you for such a great introduction. I've never been featured before. I'm doing a happy dance.

  3. So many talented quilters must live in the Blue Mountains ;) and I smiled when the words bias binding were mentioned, I also dont have a great relationship with Ms Bias :) the house block is so creative.

  4. What a sweet story! It's so wonderful that you two actually got to meet in person! I love Terry's house block and I love your bloggy jackets =D

  5. So fun! Terry, it's fun to see all your made fabric pieces! Great jackets!

  6. You are too funny great interview keep them going.

  7. Terry's quilts are wonderful! I love her term "fusion" a perfect description!

  8. Isn't the Internet an amazing thing? Just think of all we would miss out on, all our bloggy friends we would have to do without. And that you & Terry were able to go from blog friends to "real life" friends is even more wonderful.

    Terry really nailed you when she talked about your "joy in color and friends." And her house block is such a rich interpretation of that truth.

  9. Thanks for introducing us to another talented Aussie quilt maker. I love reading these interviews. Those jackets are fantastic!

  10. I love it when quilters have eclectic style. Terry's quilts are fabulous.
    I love visiting here and getting to know your friends.

  11. Another fun addition to the house collection!

  12. Loved meeting another fun and creative friend. I love your jackets!
    Her quilts are great and the house for you is very happy.
    Those cookies look delicious and the homemade potholders are too cute.

  13. Isn't it great when you get to meet internet friends.
    I love the idea of a Fusion Quilter and I love reading these interviews and that they introduce us to more fabulous quilter.

  14. Fantastic fabrics in your house block! Your denim jackets look fab too! I love that term 'Fusion Quilter'. perfect.

  15. Terrys quilts are lucky are you having a bloggy quilting buddy close by?? Fusion Quilting -Love it and love your denim jackets - so clever!! x

  16. Another adorable house! Just a little jealous that Terry has actually met you -- now I'm off to get to know Terry better!

  17. Hi, Terry. I think I like that simple utility quilt at the top the best. fun Beatles quilt!

  18. What a great interview! I love the quilt hanging in the stairwell. This is a great way to learn more about another quilter and to see their work.


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