Do you remember The Jetsons?  

I couldn't help but think about the space age family this week, and their home full of amazing gadgets and clever robots, while in my own house... 

Walter the robot vacuum cleaned our floors

Doris dishwasher merrily washed the dishes,

Hans the electric bread maker turned out a beautiful baked loaf,

The Washing Machine ( who doesn't have a name) went round in circles cleaning our clothes for us. 

Mike Rowave warmed up dinner..

The Fridge just stayed cool, hummimg away in the corner
My iPhone read me stories and played pod casts to entertain me. 

And while all these lovely appliances where taking care of the house for me, it freed me up to do some Good Old Fashioned hand sewing..

Lots of pieced hexagons for The Springwood Quilt Show 2013 Raffle Quilt.

The committee got together last week and we put all our hexagons together,  they look so wonderful ... skip over to the Springwood Quilt Show blog to have a look. 

By coincidence Barb of Fun With Barb changed her blog header recently, and is using a quilt made with pieced hexagons, here's a link to the post about her wonderful quilt.