Yay!! It's the weekend!!

Wooo hooo !! It's the weekend!! Here's the Friday night cocktail GBF made us last night, his own invention, a Maraschino Collins. By chance it matched our table cloth.
I've worked 12 days straight and when I walked into my sewing room I got such a rush of happiness to know I'll get to spend some time playing in there today.
Excuse the photos being a bit washed out. I've left my camera at work and didn't fancy a 4 hour round trip to go and fetch it. Luckily modern technology means we've got cameras in our phones. The funny thing is it doesn't feel that long ago I used to watch the TV show Get Smart and be amazed at Maxwell Smart's shoe phone. Now if they could just figure out the transporter from Star Trek I'd be happy. "Beam that fabric up to me now Scottie!"
My sewing room is a bit messy, but it's colourful mess and is kind've organised in a disorganised way. I tend to use a piling system, not a filing system, where projects just get piled on top of each other in order of enthusiasm.
Got to keep the stash replenished...
Work in progress...
Goody, goody, yum, yummy fabrics
My new iron, so sleek and smooth and lovely aqua colour. I've called it Flipper.
Hello peacock!
NEWS FLASH - One of my quilts has been reviewed by Beth at Smazoochie as part of her "I LOVE this Quilt series". It's quite amazing hearing someone else describe your quilt. Go and have a wander around her blog, there's lots of great sewing using some very interesting fabrics.

Okay, I'm off to do the housework and shopping... then it's Sewing Time!!!!


Yay!! It's the weekend!!


  1. Have a happy weekend sewing! I checked out your quilt and it is AMAZING (as usual!!), have fun creating! xxx

  2. I want a sip of that drink...Congratulations on your quilt, it must feel wonderful!

  3. Enjoy the sewing time! Colorful messes are the best, aren't they?

  4. Have fun with lots of sewing this weekend.
    That drink looks divine and very well matched to the tablecloth!
    I follow the same organizational tool, piles!
    Wow that's a great review of your quilt.

  5. What a lovely review you got on your quilt! Well done, congratulations!

  6. Great review on a fabulous quilt! I love that quilt too :) Enjoy your sewing weekend!

  7. Who's a lucky girl! What a great review for your quilt and definitely worth it too!

  8. Oooh what a lovely post with lots and lots of eye candy - like the cocktail too. Mmmm.

  9. Kisses Rachael! I'm getting some good traffic on my blog and flickr stream. You are a sweetie!


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