Garden Divas

While I make bouquets of flowers and boxes of roses for deliveries my friend Melissa from 100 Billion Stars has sent me gardens... the form of fabrics!!!

I have to admit the last time I sat down to write about these fabrics I got rapt up admiring the first fabric in the pile - Lively Silhouette.
I could easily do a post for each of these fabrics. I feel as though they each have a story to tell.

So full of life, curling, unfurling leaves, luscious, full flowers, little critters pop up here and there. I don't usually like spiders but I just know these are friendly ones. And who can resist a pink dragonfly.
Zinnias on black is a standout for me. The flowers look as though they're glowing. The symmetry is just calling out for some clever fussy cutting.
Jane Sassaman has really created dream gardens for us to play with this latest range, Garden Divas. This is just a sample of the range! In addition to these cooler colours there's fiery oranges and reds and yummy purples for the purple people out there. I can highly recommend having a look at Jane's website. Her quilts are incredible!

Keeping with the garden theme is Wild Garden by Dan Bennet. These are wild and zany and action packed! Reminiscent of African fabrics, artistic batiks, with some bright dots to make it a party.
I know I'm going to have fun planning what to do with all of these lovely fabrics.
Not only did Melissa send me all of these stunning fabrics but she sent me one of her own beautiful bags made from my favourite Sis Boom Queen Street fabrics. As soon as I saw this I gave it a big hug and it's now one of my treasures. How fabulous is that big Yo Yo!!

Such a special gift of beauty and inspiration. Thank you so much Melissa!


Garden Divas


  1. Isn't it amazing how much joy and inspiration can fit into a little postal box?! I'm so excited about these fabrics joining your stash. :)


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