Magical Lands

I first spied a sneak peek of Magical Lands on Saffron Craig's blog last November. In the meantime my friend Melissa from 100 Billion Stars and I had discussed a fabric swap and I knew this was the fabric I wanted to send her. So I waited patiently... and then finally not so patiently. I emailed Saffron to find out when it would be available and by coincidence the fabrics had arrived at her studio that very day! Destiny!
So without further delay I'd like to share with you
Magical Lands by Saffron Craig.

Tree Pods is a big scale print. Two rows of these run down the length of the fabric, perfect for borders! I would love a skirt made out of this!!

Magic Trees is such an electric combo of purple and green

Snowy Woods is so pretty. Saffron has made a beautiful skirt using Snowy Woods. You can see a photo on her blog.
Magical Lands. Little rounded hills of beautiful colours.
Ginko Blossoms in green and Magic Spots.
The fact that they're designed by an Australian adds a special touch. I'm really inspired by these different colours. The designs are simple and sweet, yet funky and modern. Look closely and you'll see the trees are all topped with a little heart.
Sometimes I get new fabric and I'll be too nervous to cut it or will wait till I find the perfect pattern or I'm content just to know it's there for a rainy day. As soon as I'd ripped open this parcel I had it hanging on the design wall. My thinking cap was on and by the next morning I knew what I wanted to do.
It may look a bit wild and half done but this is the plan... Magic Wheels!
So do you love Magical Lands as much as me? Here's a tip if you want to order some, sign up to receive Saffron's newsletter and you'll get 10 percent off your first order.


Magical Lands


  1. I don't know how you come up with such brilliant ideas for the fabrics. I love it a lot and how great to see original fabris like Saffron's. I think she lives around my area because I see her fabrics in a local shop and that's what they said.

  2. Oh this is going to be amazing and bold and a bit wild which I think is kind of your signature style. These fabrics are beautiful - I love the bold primitif kind of look they have.

  3. Wow Rachael! You amaze me with your wonderful quilt designs and what gorgeous fabric!

  4. Wow! That is an inspiring display. I like the direction this is going. It makes me even more eager to work with mine!

  5. Your quilt is amazing! I admire your 'guts' in cutting into that beautiful fabric and creating something even more beautiful!

  6. Simply stunning. Another amazing quilt coming together. l just love it when you know what direction to take your quilt by simply opening a parcel of new fabric.

  7. Looks fantastic - so graphic. And that's with working 12 days straight too!

  8. I really like your blog so I'm tagging you with the Versatile blogger award :



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