Happy Australia Day!!!

I must have been in a bit of a daze when I getting ready to go to our local Australia Day celebrations this morning because somehow I mislaid my hat. One minute I was wearing it and the next it was gone. Soon I was running around the house in a mad search for my red flowery hat. Being a super hot summers day meant I would've been crazy to go out in the sun without it. I enlisted the help of GBF and together we searched every room, including the sewing room about 3 times before finally discovering it camouflaged in a pile.
Hmm I seem to remember getting distracted for a few minutes, sewing a few things, toying with ideas... Anyway, happy with my red, flowery, fabric stash hat shading me we set off.

Here's just a couple of random moments in my day...

Lunch was served in cones of very thin pine wood. Clever presentation and biodegradable. Pine cones!
A real life sized garden gnome!!!
Love these colours!!
The same colours as my dolls quilt. This is the layout I've decided on. The little squares, when sewn, will be 1.5 inches making the finished size only 18 inches. Doesn't that sound small! Next job is squaring up all the half square triangles... a job I find a little bit tedious but if I just do a few every now and then they'll be ready in a flash.

Happy Australia Day!!!


  1. Oh that pile of fabrics wearing the hat looks gorgeous! The quilt.. I guess I had missed the size of it! Tiny!!!
    Pine cones ...clever idea!
    Love the umbrellas.. I am so thinking of summer right now! Brrrrrrr here!

    Happy Australia Day!

  2. So much delightful color! I'm chuckling over the hat hiding on your stash pile. The perfect hiding place!

    Sounds like you had a great day.


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