Cutting Charm Squares!!

That's what I'll be doing now that I have a winner for my Eleventy One Giveaway.

Before I announce the lucky recipient I just have to say how much fun it's been reading all the comments about your sewing machines. From old to new, Names like Honey, The Monster and Curtis, The tales of where you got them, Dreams of ones you would like, They all sound wonderful! Someone should make a coffee table book a bit like that Men and Sheds book that was around a few years ago.
After you all sharing stories about your sewing machines I thought it only fair that I tell you about mine - I've got Betty, a lovely but heavy old Bernina 530-2 that was found in a garage sale for $10. She's in really good working order and I've made many a quilt with her. My new ( well, I've had it for a year now) machine is a Pfaff Quilt Expression. I love it's little luxuries like the thread cutter, clever foot pedal control, built in walking foot, it's got a zillion stitches that I haven't explored yet but it's nice knowing they're there waiting for me. I must admit I'm thinking about getting another one for the stable... nothing fancy, just a lighter one to carry to classes.

Okay, back to announcing the winner... to pick from all the wonderful comments I enlisted the help of my buddy, who without hesitating for a moment chose...

Melissa of Clothwork who has 7 sewing machines!!! Her blog is really worth a visit if you haven't already been. Awesome quilts and other sewing lovelies.

My next few photos are my excuse for not blogging over the weekend. Besides household chores I worked on my dolls quilt for DQS10
My secret recipient loves wonky stars, bright colours and I've noticed she likes to use black and whites spots sometimes...
Hmmm, wasn't sure about the stars, just didn't feel interesting enough... so had another look for inspiration and came up with ...
Hmmm... but what if I combine the two ideas...
and put a star in the middle?
I'll play around with this idea a bit, who knows where I'll end up!


Cutting Charm Squares!!


  1. Congratulations to Melissa, woo hoo.
    I love the combination of the star and the HST's, lots of beautiful bright colours.
    I've just been looking at a Jamone Jem as I have a Pfaff too and it's way too heavy to cart around.

  2. Love all the wonky bright stars - beautiful!

  3. You've got a good thing going on with those stars/combo. I really like it.

  4. Congratulations to Melissa and her 7 sewing machines!

    This new way to see an old star is a great idea! I love where you're going with this. Cannot wait to see how it turns out in the end.

  5. Oh my goodness , im having palpitations over that last photo! Truly amazing! Thnkyou so much for your lovely giveaway , im so excited i won! x

  6. Congratulations to Melissa. I love the way you play and with such yummy fabrics. I have a feeling this is going to be wonderful.

  7. just beautiful oh I love those stars and the combination of these two ideas, what a lucky person that will receive this quilt
    you have a great color sense , love the fabrics your using

  8. You have some fabulous things going on here! Love all those yummy fabrics.
    I agree with Kathie.. I like the combination of the two patterns.

  9. combining the two ideas sounds interesting!

  10. Congratulations Melissa!

    Starry, starry night.... that quilt will look great with all those ideas to start from!


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