Lively Silhouette

Sometimes you come across a fabric that just draws you into it's details, the more you look the more you see. Lively Silhouette is the absolute perfect name for this fabric by Jane Sassaman for her latest range Garden Divas. Sit back and have a walk through this moonlit garden.

Just amazing!


Lively Silhouette


  1. It is amazing, and very very beautiful

  2. I'm very excited to see all the places these details show up in your work! This print makes decision making tough--too many choices and all of them special.

  3. Utterly droolable. Perfect 3 colour harmony. I'm with Melissa, I look forward to spotting it in future works.
    Personally, I could never cut it up. It would be a piece of wall art for me.

  4. I Love Jane Sassaman!!!
    I was lucky enough to meet her several years ago and was as tongue-tied as if I was meeting -- well, any super famous person. I love her work and her fabric!


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