Sherbert Pips and Candy Stripes

I finished my Sherbet Pips top last Sunday but for some reason my camera hasn't wanted to share the photo's until now ( hmph!) . Better late than never!

These fabrics have been so lovely to use!! Nice cooling colours on these hot summer days.
Aneela Hoey has done so well at choosing the shades of colour. Each of them are just right, the pink is such a soft dreamy blush, the blue is like cool waters, the grey is rich, stormy sky and the red a tasty tomato.
The backing fabric i'll use is from my stash. Ribbons and Bows by Martha Negley, picks up on the white, grey and blue and I think the bows are the same fun joyous vibe of scooters and swings. Not to mention the brownie points I get for using fabric I already have!!
I thought I'd finished the top but after some desicion making cups of tea decided it really did have to be bigger so I could use it on our bed.
If Sherbet Pips yardage was available I probably would have used the scarf stripe in the range. For a moment I did think about waiting until it's release in April but then this quilt would have gone into the cupboard with all the other unfinished quilts. So I took another look...

And some Sis Boom Eliza Stripes came to the rescue and I think it's the perfect choice!!! These candy stripes makes the quilt more snappy and I'm really liking the way the stars extended into the border.
Candy stripes for a Sherbet Pips quilt! I'm thinking of calling this quilt Candy Store.
The plan for this weekend is to get it all pinned together and get started on the quilting. I'll be doing some work on my doll quilt too, so I might get distracted, we'll see...

Don't forget my giveaway, there's still a couple of days to go so leave a comment on the giveaway post, and share something about your sewing machine.


Sherbert Pips and Candy Stripes


  1. Wow! You are so industrious. I have to say that these Sis Boom stripes really take the fun to another level. They're just the right thing.

    Hope it's another fun sewing weekend--distractions or not. :)

  2. I'm still looking for some Sherbert Pips! not sure if I can wait till April/May!

  3. It looks fabulous, I love the stripes with it. That's a great name too.
    I wish I had such a productive week.

  4. Its gorgeous! You did a brilliant job with the mitred borders with the stars inserted - that looks very tricky! I cant wait to play with some sherbert pips too - those little doggies are so cute!

  5. I agree with Melissa; how did you do that? Mitred corners scared the life out of me. Love the finished top.

  6. Love Sherbet Pips! Your quilt looks wonderful. I have a Moda Bake Shop pattern earmarked for my Sherbet Pips charm packs.

  7. Red and white stipes with grey, I love it! The top is fantastic, great going.


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