Whisk and Pin

GBF came home recently and announced that he'd eaten the world's best cookie. Now, I don't need to tell you that's a pretty big statement! And one we had to investigate further, which prompted a trip up the mountains for a breafast date...

...to Whisk and Pin Cafe in Meadlow Bath. And such a beautiful misty mountain morning it was.

The almost whimsical building stands alone opposite the station. The outside tables would be lovely on a warmer day but today was definitely an indoor affair. We walked inside and it was like a lolly shop of gifty goodness, a big comfortable room, great coffee smell and friendly smiles.

After resisting most things on the shelves of temptation (we each picked a thing for under the Christmas Tree) we settled in for some breakfast. I chose Field Mushrooms with Sage and Local Goats Cheese. GBF had the House Baked Beans with Smoked Speck. Both meals were absolutely delicious!!! If only I'd had room for more so I could've tried the Orange and Cranberry Scones in the Devonshire Tea. To make up for it we bought a Orange and Cranberry Pancake Mix to have another day.

And of course we got some of the super cookies. Chocolate Mud Gluten Free Cookies.

So right now, live on the blog I'll do a cookie tasting...

They have a lovely handmade look, all slightly different sizes. One bite and I'm in chocolate heaven. They're moist inside and the crumb texture is fine and melts in the mouth. The chocolate they've used is so rich but not too sweet, the way really good chocolate should be.
I think GBF is right, this could be the World's Best Cookie!

These cookies and other yummy things are available online from the Whisk and Pin website and if you're in their neighbourhood, 1 Railway Pde, Medlow Bath, you wont regret popping into to their cafe.

I know it seems like not much sewing has been going on around here lately. I promise my next post will be more fabric oriented. I figure this cookie research is important for keeping fueled up on busy sewing days.

Whisk and Pin


  1. Oh that little Cafe looks like my kind of Cafe....love the picture of the beautiful rose its lovely.

    Oh......and did you save a cookie for me :)

    Adele xx

  2. That cafe looks and sounds great. The cookies looks delicious, thank you for taste testing them, it's a hard job and someone has to do it!!!

  3. The whisk and Pin's food does look delicious.

  4. I like the look of the shop and the misty morning. Maybe you could try searching for a recipe to duplicate the worlds best cookie. Then again, you might want the excuse to visit the cafe.

  5. Chocolate Mud Gluten Free Cookies?! Delicious!!! Oh to have such amazing Gluten Free options. Maybe someday the US will get up to speed on Gluten Free.

    And I love that name--Whisk and Pin. It would certainly work well for a quilter/a baker too. One hand in the kitchen and the other at the sewing machine. Sounds perfect to me.

  6. I had no idea there was such a treasure hidden in Meadlow Bath. My next trip across the Mountains I will definitely make a stop there! So nice to find a blogger from nearby.

  7. We have just enjoyed some cookies from there. Lovely - might have time to visit when we next come to the Blue mountains.


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