Not Just a Paper Serviette

I have to tell you straight up - this isn't fabric. It's a paper serviette, but it's not just any paper serviette...

I look at this and am transported to an enchanted world of magical curly trees, leaves rustling in the fresh, scented breeze, bringing the softest tinkling sound, reminiscent of laughter. The forest home of the big blue hooty owl.
There he sits on branches laden with goodies. Shiny, perky flowers hang like Christmas baubles almost pretending to be fruit. The misty shades of blue, hints of minty ice, brought alive with touches of fiery red. A perfect balance in this perfect place.
Light padding footsteps are heard, and through the trees we see the Bobble Horn Fantasy Fox who stops and stares back. Resplendent is the word for this lovely creature! Very rare and very special with its floral patterned fur, it's haughty couture. To be graced by the BH Fantasy Fox's presence is a lucky thing indeed for a single special wish will be granted with a nod of his bobble horn head.

He nods. Lucky me!
" Dearest lovely Bobble Horn Fantasy Fox, I wish..."

Suddenly the Big Blue Hooty Owl hoots "HOOOOOTTT"

And in an instant I'm sitting on a train racing through the suburbs on the way to work.
" But I was just about to make my wish... to be playing in my sewing room instead of going to work!" Sigh...

If you want to know what delicious treat came with this serviette have a look here. mmm... yummmm. Don't tell anyone I wiped my hands on my jeans, this serviette was far too pretty to use! Lots of applique inspiration!

What would you wish for if the Bobble Head Fantasy Fox nodded at you?

Not Just a Paper Serviette


  1. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for that elusive Bobble Head Fantasy Fox. If only he'll stand still long enough to grant my wish for more time. Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't stand still long enough for him to wander by. Food for thought.

    Speaking of food, what a delicious treat!

  2. Oh Rachael - you should take up writing! What a lovely story you've woven around a serviette - even if it did come all the way from Sweden.
    Now I'd like to see it in applique please.


    Maybe you'd be interested in using the beautiful serviette in a project - check the link

  4. Awesome story. Way cool imagination. But that also goes with your talent for putting fabric together. Serviette is stunning. Jeans can be washed. I would certainly find a way to preserve the serviette.
    You haven't become an island in the sky yet have you, with all that wet stuff.

  5. What a wonderful whimsical post. Thank you.

  6. i was thinking along the same lines as mary, check out neat ideas with mod podge. Fantastic serviette, where did it come from?


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