The Evolution Of A Quilt.

My Romantic Dancers Quilt continued...

I left you all wondering what I was going to do with the dresden patches... I must admit I had a little hiccup in my plans.
I planned to use them in half circles on the red toile around the edge of the center square like the Friendship Circle pattern. I thought that the beige and creams would be enough of a contrast and would stand out against the toile even though the pictures on the toile were a similar colour. When I tried it, it just looked messy.

A cup of tea and a rummage through my cupboard and I came up with this tonal red. Another French General fabric from their wonderful Rouenneries range.
I still wanted to include my gorgeous red toile so I used it for the middle of the borders. It suits the fabrics better this way. The toile looks more "framed" by the other more subtle fabric.

Then I started to wonder about the centers of the dresdens... another cup of tea.
I had a circle that I had rejected from the center. I held it up against the dresdens and the decision was made. I think they really add oomph to the quilt!

I fussy cut the dancing scene from the toile for the four corners. It's a funny thing, I listen to all sorts of music while I sew, modern, pop, dance, 60s bollywood, but while I was making this quilt I had a craving to listen to opera!! I wonder if it was the oldy looking fabric? the dancers? anyway I downloaded the Magic Flute by Mozart and it suited the mood perfectly.
Big bold borders sure help get a quilt finished quickly!

Before I knew it my quilt top was finished! It's 80 x 80 inches square so a perfect size for our bed. As for the name I'm tossing up " May I Have This Dance?" and "Whirlwind Romance". Any opinions?
Now I just have to decide how to quilt it...hmmm?...I think I'll have a cup of tea.

If you like this pattern pop over to my give away post for a chance to win a copy. Yippee Yay! A give away!!

The Evolution Of A Quilt.


  1. Oh my goodness, this quilt is incredible!! The centre star is amazing and i love the four corner dresdens. Fabulous work. xo

  2. Wowza - it looks phenomenal! Now you just need a chateau !

  3. Whirlwind Romance gets my vote. Isn't it amazing what a cup of tea (or in my case, usually coffee) can do for your creative decision making process? You've done a great job!

  4. Wow, really amazing. Can't wait to see this quilted and finished. Stunning.

  5. That is so lovely. I'm a big fan of red's and have just done my first patchwork with red, so went weak at the knees when I came across yours!

  6. That's really beautiful! :) I like the cups of tea!! Perhaps that should get quilted in somewhere!!! just for fun!

  7. Well done Rachael - I love it. It's great to see a problem solved so beautifully.

  8. Rachael, that is gorgeous. Brilliant problem solving. Looking at the photo of the whole top from a distance, Whirlwind Romance gets my vote too.

  9. I'm so glad you worked the red toile in the quilt, it's so beautiful. I love the name Whirlwind Romance.


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