Yippee Yay! Give-aways Here,There and Everywhere!!

Another give-away!!! This time it's over at Chris's blog She's celebrating 10,000 visitors to her blog, Patchwork Fundamentals. Add to the numbers, visit her blog , leave a comment and this gorgeous cushion could be yours.

My give-away has a few more days... leave a comment by Friday on the give-away post.
Yippee! It's a give-away part-ay!! Yay!!

Yippee Yay! Give-aways Here,There and Everywhere!!

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  1. Rachael,
    Your quilts are amazing! I love the friendship block and the quilt you are working on right now! It was also nice to see the evolution of the quilt in the previous post.
    Keep up with this amazing work!


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