My Quilt History- Part 8, Lucky Dip

Lucky dip is a true scrap quilt! I had a couple of bags of scraps, my own and some from a friend. I sorted them into colours and just started sewing them into blocks. I really enjoyed the freedom of not having to think about measuring except for squaring up the blocks when they were finished. I was lucky to have such a great range of fun bright colours.

If you've read my Quilt History posts you'll recognize a lot of the fabrics.

Isn't it amazing how you can get little pieces of fabric that are otherwise useless and sew them together and it makes a quilt which is so useful and beautiful.

The round circle in the next photo was the cover on the lid of a jar of jam we bought from a market while we were on holidays.
A block of spots!
This was the first quilt I attempted to machine quilt myself. I was using a lovely 50 year old Bernina. I didn't know how to lower the feed dogs and didn't have a walking foot but that didn't stop me. I just shoved it in and sewed, supposedly in the ditch but I was a wobbly driver. Luckily it's such a busy quilt that you don't really notice. Now that I have my super Pfaff I plan to one day do some free motion quilting over it.

"Lucky Dip" seemed an apt name. So when I was putting the backing together I pulled this fabric from my stash.
( My stash surprises even me at times).

I loved making this quilt. I worked on it in every spare moment and managed to piece, quilt and bind it within about 3 weeks. It lives on our couch for those cosy moments watching movies or reading a book in the afternoon. Every time I use it I find little surprises, or combinations of fabrics that delight me. It's one of my very favourite quilts.

My Quilt History- Part 8,  Lucky Dip


  1. Being a scrappy fan, it does not surprise me that it is your fav...mine is a"nearly Charming Neighborhood". A one block wonder made with 5" scraps from a fabric swap. Colourful and cuddly. Every time I look at it I see a different aspect of doubt it is the same for you...Love the name as much as the quilt..

  2. Wow - look at those orchids! It's such a fun quilt and I bet it made hardly a dent in that stash.

  3. Hi! Just found my way over here from the Sis Boom blog. Love all the colours!! Thanks for showing me shabby blogs... ;) * Petra

  4. i'm following you! love your site :)

  5. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog Rachel.
    I like the very happy look of your quilts and the beautiful colors!!


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