My quilt History Part 7 - Phil's Quilt

Here's the quilt I made for GBF's birthday in May 2009
I used good old Turning Twenty again. It's such a good pattern because it's so simple and great for big print novelty fabrics. The quilt is made up of a weird and wonderful combination of patterns and prints that each have a meaning or reason behind them.

This fabric was the beginning. It has GBF's name on it! "Phil's Drive In" by Alexander Henry. It's fun and kitchy, with hot rod cars and saucy girls, a real boy's fabric.

To make up for the fact the"Phil's Drive In" fabric had blonde girls I found some brunettes that I like to imagine look just like me.

GBF picked a fat quarter of this Koi fabric when we went to the 2008 Darling Harbour Quilt Show. When I was making his quilt I thought it would be fun to have these fish swimming all around the edge and luckily when I rang the shop they had just enough left on the bolt.

I bought this little japanese cat on a quilt shop crawl with friends and when I showed GBF he surprised me by asking if he could have it in his quilt.

Food and cooking themed fabric feature quilte a lot because he's a wonderful cook...

This vegetable and tinned food fabric was from GBF's mother's stash.

We do love our cocktails...

When GBF isn't cooking he usually out and about, mountain biking or road cycling.

The next two fabrics are designed by Prints Charming who had their studio around the corner from where we lived at the time.

An occasional pet name for me is "dear heart", I couldn't resist making these deer hearts.
His chinese star sign is the rooster.
Mix all these together and you come up with "Phil's Quilt"

Soon after I'd finished making the top he went away for a cycling weekend , so I was able to make the backing in secret. I bundled it off to Maxine Sandry for longarm quilting. When it returned I gave it to GBF he got the surprise of his life when this was on the back...

I guess it goes without saying that he's a big Beatles fan. He really loves it and often requests it for the bed.

I made a top for his 2010 birthday... I just haven't gotten around to quilting it yet... Here's a sneak preview...

My quilt History Part 7 - Phil's Quilt


  1. He's one lucky boy isn't he - it's a beautiful quilt!

  2. You could call it an "I spy" quilt...what fun fabrics...a keepsake for certain...


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