A Quick Trip To Ipswich

We've just returned from a flying visit to Brisbane to see this exhibition...

I'm so glad we went! It was such a great collection of approximately 30-35 quilts. Lots of different styles dating from colonial times to the 1960's. Tough sturdy aussie waggas, depression scrap quilts, silk tumbling blocks, crazy quilts with ornate embroidery, log cabins, hexagons, beautifully pieced quilts and some interesting applique quilts. I really liked that there were several examples of each style. Understandably photos were not allowed but there is a book available by Annette Gero.

It's an amazing feeling to stand in front of a quilt that dates back to the 1800's. The vibrant coloured fabrics of these quilts surprised me. It's humbling to remember there were no rotary cutters, special rulers or fancy sewing machines. I sometimes wonder how much sewing was done by candlelight as I turn on my 2 lamps in addition to the overhead light in my sewing room.

Another thing I appreciated was that these quilts were utilitarian. A lot of quilts we see in shows are only entered if they're expertly done. I know I have quilts that I love and use but their imperfections stop me from showing them to others. Some of these quilts in the exhibition had big messy stitches, some were unfinished, some a bit crooked, but that just added to their beauty.

Interesting information about the quilters helped bring the quilts to life. A good reminder to label our quilts. I have to admit I'm really slack at labeling my quilts. I've just had a thought, it's probably a nice idea to put our blog address on labels too.

The bonus of going to this exhibition was getting to spend time with my lovely aunt Angela who really is an angel. The lush plant photos are from her garden. We laughed a lot, ate a lot and really enjoyed ourselves.

A big thanks to Angela for a wonderful couple of days!!

A Quick Trip To Ipswich


  1. Looks like it was cold in Brisvegas too!!

  2. I've seena few of the quilts but nothing like that number, it's humbling to think about the making of them. Glad you had a great time.

  3. Like Janet, l have seen some quilts, what a great opportunity to view them all. The book is in my collection, a great addition to any library.


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