Arizona Rising Sun

Here's my Arizona Rising Sun Quilt so far. I haven't sewn the rings together, so they may look a bit crooked but it gives you an idea of what they'll look like. The largest ring is too big to fit on my design wall so its doubled up. GBF said this looks like a big toothy monster is about to eat the circles.

The class with Michelle Yeo was great. She was very friendly and relaxed, letting people work on whatever part they wanted to at their own pace but always being there to help with instructions and handy tips. Her method of foundation piecing was different from what I've done before. She uses freezer paper that is perforated with the template pattern and then you sew and fold using the paper as a guide. Prepping the freezer paper patterns takes a while but the trade off is not ripping off paper foundations, the freezer paper just peels off like a dream.

I wonder who discovered freezer paper's magic patchworking powers. I can just imagine someone whose mind was on their sewing while they slaving away in the kitchen.

For the background rings I'm using the pink fabrics from the same range.

Hopefully they'll bring it all together nicely.

I've decided to change the diamonds in the middle row. I was going to do stripes just because it would be a challenge to fussy cut them but the white looks too washed out.

I'm auditioning the black and teal fabrics... at the moment the black is winning.

So thats where I'm up to. I must say I'm a bit daunted by the final construction. The plan is to complete all the rings and then sew them together. The finished quilt is 88inches square so the largest rings are going to be a handful, or should i say armful. I'm tempted to do a mock up of simple rings in the same sizes with some of my not so precious stash bits. We'll see how confident I feel when I get to that stage.

I was very restrained with my shopping at the Quiltsmith, mostly because I was so busy sewing that the time flew so I didn't have a lot of time to look. I did manage to pick a few feedsack prints for a dresden plate quilt I'm planning using a vintage table cloth. Another quilt for another day...

Arizona Rising Sun


  1. Hi Rachael it looks fantastic. I can hardly wait to see it in real life!

  2. Your Arizona Rising Sun quilt is looking stunning, particularly love the Hope Valley fabrics. l am working on a quilt using them at the moment. l have taken classes with Michelle. She has a great talent as a designer. She was my guest exhibitor at Quilts in the Barn several years ago, and we had her original Rising Sun quilt hanging.
    Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  3. Oh goodness! That is quilt is going to great! Can't wait to see it finished!
    I use freezer paper for sewing patterns. I iron on the freezer paper on top of the fabric, and I can cut it out without pins! yay for freezer paper! I buy it alot!
    I enlarged your feed sack pic and ohhh I totally love the blue print with the kids on it! Ant those little elephants are adorable! I really need to start collecting more fabrics!!


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