We have the most amazing view from our dining room...

So of course we've placed our dining table at the window where we can sit facing out to enjoy the vista. In the summer we would watch the sunsets turn into twilight which would give way to the night and then we'd watch the moths do their ballet on the glass. We're constantly saying our window is better than TV.
But... now that it's winter we draw the curtains to conserve the warmth of the house and this is what replaced our entertaining outlook.

Boring, drab, faded, grey blue curtains. Oh so Boring!!!

Until today..

Once again the postie came bearing gifts..

And now this is what we look at!!!

Did I mention we have a very 70's house? Wow!!There's nothing dull and drab about these curtains!! Just in case you're having trouble seeing them, here's a closer look..

Whoa Nelly!!! They're so wonderful, bright and full of zing!

What better way to celebrate our new decor than with a couple of cocktails. GBF makes the most wonderful cocktails complete with cherries and curly orange garnishes..

which leave our oranges looking like this...

So now we have curtains that match our fruit bowl.

Tune into the next exciting post for updates on how my Indiana Rising Sun quilt is going...