Happy Little Hexagons


I've been enjoying basting my hexagons. It's such an easy, productive thing to do. You can drift away in a day dream then find that you've finished a pile or two.

There was a corner in our lounge room that wasn't really being used so I've set up a card table solely for my hexagon production. That way they're ready to work on at any time and they don't encroach on my machine sewing area. It's always a battle for space in my sewing room but I think that would be the case no matter how big the area was. GBF likes it too because it actually gets me into the lounge room where I can chatter away to him.

A few months ago I bought some of these fishing tackle boxes on super special, thinking they'd be handy for buttons, pins or the like. It turns out they're the perfect size for my hexagons! One stays in my bag, handy when I have a few free moments when I'm out and about.

And this is where I'm storing the basted ones. I've got another 4 of these boxes so i'll be able to keep each fabric separated. It's nice to be so organised!

My mind has been going around in circles as what to make with my hexis.

But I think I've found the perfect quilt to showcase these lovely ladies.

In fact I feel like I've hit a home run with this idea.

I found it in this Jinny Beyer's Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns. This is such an inspiring book containing "more than 4050 pieced blocks" all in colour. Throughout are some quilts from Jinny Beyer's collection. The one that jumped out, and did cartwheels at me is on Page 422.

Drum roll please..

A beautiful big star made of hexagons!!! Isn't it awesome!!! It's dated back to 1875 which is the era of some of the shirting fabrics I'm using. The hexagons look bigger than the 3/4 inch size that I'm using but I'll play around and make it work.

Now that I have something to work towards I just have to roll along...

and enjoy the ride!



Happy Little Hexagons


  1. Hi Racheldaisy,
    How funny and clever are you. That blog is just great I just had to keep scrolling down with a giggle!

  2. Pamken- I'm glad I made you giggle!!

    Folksmith- There should be T-shirts that say that!! I'd wear one!


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