Thats a word you don't hear very often.

So what is an antimacassar?
Well, it's a piece of fabric which is draped over the head or arms of a sofa or chair.

I had antimacassars on my couch and chairs but for some reason they would always come off. I'd find them on the floor and replace them on the arms but as soon as I'd turn my back they'd be crooked or back on the floor. Maybe I had a playful ghost. I know I could've sewn some velcro on to help them stay or even some sneaky safety pins might have done the trick but in a huffy moment I threw them into a cupboard where I didn't have to think about them. Problem solved!

Then one day I decided my big couch looked a bit bare. Some cushions would be nice. That's where the fun started because it was off to the big stash in the cupboard.

Soon it was a party on my design wall with some Henry Road remnants that I'd purchased in a scrap bag. A long piece of groovy decorator weight fabric from a seconds bin at IKEA and the couch's matching antimacassars. Add a few coloured bobbly pom pom trims and hey presto...


Such a riot of colour!!

A fiesta of fabrics!!

Recycled Retro!!

They'll definitely brighten up our chilly winter days.



  1. They look so GROOVY Rachael! and suit the sofa perfectly.

  2. Hi Rachael

    Could you get in touch with us at Fat Quarterly? We would love you to take part in our Design Challenge for Issue 2.

    Send an email to tacha at and I'll fill you in with the details.

  3. You really brightened up your sofa!

    My sofa is bare and pillows won't work for us. Everyone finds them annoying and throws them on the floor. I would like to see some modern antimacassars. Maybe some made from handpainted fabric or silks and velvets with a bit of quilting. Unusual shapes and textures. Not tiny and granny-looking.

  4. Hi ERAsistable,

    Almost like works of art for the arms of your couch. What a great idea!! There's so many possibilities when you start thinking about it! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Cheers,


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