EQ7 giveaway

I kept hearing about EQ6 while looking through magazines, reading blogs and seeing the amazing designs people have come up with using the software. It all sounded like a great idea but I'm not very computery so I kept thinking maybe I'll look into it one day...

'One day' arrived at the Springwood Quilt Show where I attended a demonstration of EQ6 by Anne Sommerland. It didn't look too hard to use, in fact it all seemed very straight forward. Most importantly it looks fun!! Oh the possibilities!

I liked that Anne pointed out that it would be very easy to become a virtual quilter and just get hooked on creating quilts with EQ6 and not making the real thing. I can see the designing part would take you places you never thought to go. I find I draw designs on the backs of envelopes or notebooks that I always lose or I don't quite remember what some of the lines I've drawn are meant to indicate. I like the idea of EQ storing my precision drawn and coloured designs. No need to worry, I promise I'll keep making real quilts!

You can scan in fabrics from your own stash or if you're too impatient there's hundreds of fabrics in the system so you could find a close match to what you have in mind. I'm working on two quilts at the moment that have me a bit stumped on deciding which fabric to use, if only EQ6 would come to my rescue.

It's all wonderful and I'm hooked on the idea of EQ6. So I went to the Electric Quilt website to have a look. The exciting news is that EQ7 is coming out very soon! Check out the EQ blog for a chance to win one of 9 ( they're giving away 10 but I've decided I'm going to win one).

Good Luck !!!!

EQ7 giveaway

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  1. Hi Rachael, good luck with winning! You left an entry at my blog but I need your email if you win. Can you send me an email through my profile? Thanks!


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