is the florist shorthand for Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Its Mother's Day here in Australia! The UK and Ireland celebrate Mothering Sunday in March but here it's the 2nd Sunday in May. Also one of the busiest times for us florists.

I like the busy times. It's wonderful having a shop packed to the rafters with gorgeous flowers, getting to make lots of dreamy bouquets and arrangements and knowing you're a small part of making lots of mums happy. The adrenaline of a non-stop day keeps you going through long hours and the days of preparation.

I'm in love with doilies at the moment. They're like paper lace. So pretty!

People have been asking me what the popular Mother's Day flowers are. The big oriental lillies are definitely the most popular in our shop. And a good choice too. They last well, smell delicious and a flower that changes every day with buds opening is always magical. A close second is roses and then tulips, all in pinks or white. Poor yellow has been the forgotten colour this year.

My personal favourite Mother's Day flower is the white disbud Chrysanthemum!

Big, full and luscious.Disbuds are grown especially for Mother's Day. Chrysanthemums naturally have many flowers on each stem but with disbuds the flower buds are removed leaving just one bud per stem that gets all the energy from the plant. Hence the name.
They're the English Sheep Dog of the flower world. They remind me of vintage powder puffs. Every year I can't resist bobbing them through the air and saying
" Look! A cloud on a stick!"

So to all the mums out there HAHMD!!

If you get a bunch of disbuds have fun playing cloud on a stick.



  1. Hi Rachel - how come you're up so early on Mothers Day? Love the flowers - you must be in heaven every day at work and I guess you've been flat out the last few days. Loved all the different fabrics over the last few posts. Are you going thru your stash?
    Can you email me re next Saturday's class please.

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