Here we go! Another one of my super long posts reporting all my recent adventures.
This time we packed up the Daisymobile and headed down south, a 10 hour drive to Kyneton.

where I was honoured to be the featured quilter at this quilt show. 

When I walked into the show I was immediately struck by how well the quilts were hung. They had been displayed with lots of space around them and plenty room for people to move around. 

It was an amazing feeling for me to see so many of my quilts on show in one place.

I had quilts spanning from early quilts right through to my recent quilts. I pulled out one of my first quilts for the show, because everyone loves The Beatles. The quilt is huge! you can see it's a little bit gathered at the top to fit on the rack. 

My choices selection of quilts was based on having a variety of styles and colours. It meant there would be a quilt or two to suit everyone's taste. 

A close up of one of my story cards.

But it was fabulous to be there on Sunday to tell the quilt stories in person. 

For all my lovely blog friends who contributed to this quilt, Happy Days in Daisy Town, you can say you've been a featured quilter too. 

Now to meet some of the faces behind the show. 
This is Ros and Jim, these two wonderful, amazing people pulled this well run, beautiful exhibition together. 

What they created was so much more than a quilt show. It was a way to raise awareness around the support need for returned veterans and through the show they have created a community of care and support that will continue to grow. I really felt this on my day there through talking to people and hearing the stories.

This flier for the show sums up what the show was about. 

This is Lesley Vincett, the maker of this beautiful heart quilt. Jim and Ros saw this quilt in another quilt show and it was the heart and love radiating from this quilt that gave them the idea that a quilt show was the way they could help raise awareness.
Such a powerful reminder that quilts are items stitched with love and they can make a difference.
I really enjoyed spending time looking at the quilts with Lesley, it made sense when I realised she was the maker of such a special quilt. 

Around the walls of the hall different organisations who all help and support veterans in some way had stands offering information. 
Quilts of Valour,  whose mission is to present quilts to service members and veterans of the ADF in recognition of their sacrifice for Australia whilst deployed on combat operations. The recognition will also be extended to the families of soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Battlefield Blue is raising awareness and supporting veterans going through PTSD and depression.

Caroline McGregor is a renowned military artist. You can see why, her paintings look like photos and she has managed to capture that special human element in each work.

A super bonus for the day was meeting this lovely woman!! Margaret Mew, quilt designer, quilter extraordinaire and author of the book Quilts from the Colonies. 

She was an absolute delight!!!

Visitors to the show were lucky to see 10 of her quilts on display. I love the harmony between piecing and quilting in this quilt.

Margaret does the most sublime applique!! 

And of course each quilt has a story. 

I loved all of the scrumptious fabrics in this one!!

and such a fun name.

Margaret and I liked that we both had quilts with similar curved shapes.  This is Margarets Mrs Hitchens' Whimsy.

and my Charming Smiles

Here's Margaret's book with 17 beautiful quilt patterns. You can find it at the Quiltmania website here.
You can find her on instagram as @margaretmew

Back on with the day... At 2pm I was wired up with a microphone up and off I went chatting about my quilting journey and my quilts. 

From looking at the photos it seems I like to swish quilts around and pull funny faces. 

Thank you to everyone who came to listen to me talk. It was lovely to look around and see smiling faces. I really enjoyed answering questions too. They always highlight areas of my work I hadn't thought about. 

After my talk, Ron Davis from Battlefield Blue stepped up to the microphone to talk about his organisation that is raising awareness and supporting personal suffering caused by PTSD. He has designed the most beautiful Heart Jigsaw Puzzle and Blue Poppy Pins

And then surprised and honoured me when he awarded them to me and a thank you gift. They will always be treasured momentos of this special time.  

 Then it was time to draw the raffle winners.

Afterwards there was a very moving ceremony where Quilts of Valour gave quilts to deserving recipients. 

There were so many moving speeches, powerful stories and words of gratitude. I think everyone in the room shed a tear or two. 

The viewers choice award went to Margaret Baker for her Octopuses Garden , a very sweet, fun P3 design. 

Can you believe that was all just one day!! Definitely a day to remember!! 

This is where we stayed. I like to find places with character through airBnb. This barn was a 10 minute drive on the outskirts of town. It was so quiet and peaceful. 

The stairs to the loft.

This was one of my random photos taken on an early morning stroll in Kyneton. Love the vibrancy of the red against the blue stone. 

And a couple of photos taken when we took off early in the morning as the sun was rising and mist was making everything look like a fairytale.

But wait! there's more!!

Another chapter of the weekend to share with you. We managed to squeeze in a visit to the Bendigo Art Gallery to see the Marimekko Exhibition. 

When I was growing up we had Marimmeko curtains hanging in the house. It sounds a little odd but we actually had curtains every where, even our wardrobe doors had curtains instead of doors. I'll explain it by saying was the 70's. No wonder I grew up loving textiles.

Our lounge room curtains had this design...

in this colourway.  Yes, they're my colours!

The exhibition was made up of room after room of these wonderful panels of bold, striking fabrics.

And so many fabulous dresses.
Here are a few of my favourites. 

This time I've saved my very favourite for last. 

How fabulous are these stripes?! The quilter in me wishes they were fat quarters on my cutting table. 

Talking of which I should go and get some sewing done.
Thank you for following along on this whirlwind, wonderful,  weekend adventure with me.  I wonder where I'll pop up next?