My latest adventure took me to Berry, a lovely town 2 hours south of Sydney. 

Berry is one of those places with fabulous clothes and homewares shops and lots of great eateries. It's close to beaches and national parks,
but the reason for my visit was the wonderful shop of Berry Quilt & Co. ...

 ...where I was teaching a 2 day Whizz Bang workshop. 

When I walked in I was immediately drawn into the wonderful selection of fabrics, a fabulous mix of modern, pretty, eclectic, electric, bright, dreamy, 1930's, repro, lots of linens and more.

Recent renovations have created a beautiful light filled, airy space. 

I'll let the photos do the talking, you can pretend you're walking around the shop. 

The wonderful big class room. 

Sharon and I worked into the evening like a couple of quilt fairies to hang my quilts around the shop. 

It's hard to resist touching these textured quilts.

We had the loveliest group of ladies join in the workshop. The great thing about 2 days is we get to settle in and make friends.  

This is Skye, she has the best smile!! and she makes everyone around her smile!! I'm not sure what my hair is doing in this photo. I pin it up out of my face when I'm teaching, I guess it got a little puffy.

Time flies when your having fun and before we knew it it was 4.30pm and time for the trunk show. 

Guests started to arrive. 

Nibbles came out, 

 The champagne flowed...

And I started talking about my journey as a quilter and telling the stories behind my quilts.  

I brought along an interesting mix of quilts; old ones, new ones, some unfinished tops, mini quilts, some that I've never shown anywhere before, my prize winning quilts and other favourites. I loved that there was as much interest for the backs of my quilts as for the fronts. 
Thank you to everyone who came along to who listen to my stories, and for saying such lovely things about my quilts. It was such a special gathering and I'm encouraged and inspired to finish a couple of the tops I showed, and to keep using fun fabrics in the backs of my quilts.

The trunk show went until 7pm, after which we raced home to Sharon's house to celebrate a birthday and watch the Royal Wedding. We had fun spotting our favourite hats and dresses. I picked an orange dress as my favourite, no surprises there :)

Sunday flew by even faster than Saturday... 

Charlotte has caught the fabric folding bug! She was going straight home to iron more triangles.

Wonderful show and tell!! So many fabulous colour and fabric combinations! These are some of the finished circles. There were more in progress that we might get to see another day. 

And a happy group shot! A huge thank you to everyone for coming along and embracing these techniques with such enthusiasm and smiles. 

And a very big Thank you to Sharon for being the hostess with the mostest, and creating the most wonderful weekend in Berry!!

There may have been a bit of dancing...
 Just for fun! Does anyone else out there remember The Nutbush? 

But wait there's more! 

While in Berry I popped into Sew and Tell. The sign says "Delights for the Embroiderer" but there were delights for all sorts of textile crafts. 

Gorgeous wool to inpire kinitters and keep crochet hooks happy. 

Yarns in every type and colour.

Fabulous samples from floor to ceiling. 

and every type of button you could ever imagine.

A couple of photos taken on my stroll around the town. 

Cottoneaster berries - I had to take a photo of some berries seeing as I was in Berry. 

A pretty gardenia called me over with its intoxicating scent.

I loved the sunny yellow of these autumn leaves.

I've saved a quilt photo to finish with. These were the quilts Sharon had on her guest bed for me. The mix of old and new is so perfect. The contemporary quilt on the left is Sharon's 'Garden View' quilt and the quilt on the right is a grandmothers garden hexagon quilt that has been hand quilted in beautiful tiny stitches. I loved them both!
Wishing you all happy sewing until I'm back with more colourful daisy adventures.