Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! May 2018 be a joyful, healthy and productive year for everyone out there in Daisyland!! Isn't it wonderful to stand at the edge of brand new shiny year, and know there's the promise of many exciting adventures and colourful times coming up.  

I had a the most fabulous 2017 for so many reasons, however I'd been feeling as though I wasn't very productive.. but then I was updating my My Quilts page and I realised I have had quite a few finishes this year. 

I've focused mostly on making quilts with folded fabric blocks. I'm enjoying making different ones in a variety of styles to show people how adaptable these blocks are, plus they're fun to make. I have 2 more on the go at the moment and have plans for at least 3 more. 

A quilt that I haven't shown on my blog yet is a new version of my Bubbles Quilt featuring Kathy Doughty's Horizons fabrics range. This is just one colour way of her newest range that is coming out in March. These fabulous fabrics deserve a whole blog post to themselves so watch out for more about them in upcoming weeks. 

I made a few tops in 2017, not to mention all the half finished works in progress that are piled up around my sewing room. Hopefully there will be a flurry of finishes this year.
Here's one of the tops waiting patiently in the quilting queue, a pretty version I made of my Gypsy Carnival quilt.

Of course Teaching was a HUGE highlight of my year. I met so many lovely people and was inspired by the beautiful work that was created in the classes. 2018 is jam packed with more classes and workshops. I've made a calendar page for my classes and upcoming appearances for anyone who is interested.

I was very lucky to have won some very special awards in 2017. I wont list them all because I don't want to sound as though I'm bragging but I'd like to acknowledge that receiving the Most Innovative award at Dare to Differ for my Fair and Square quilt meant the world to me. 

In 2017 I became more adventurous with exploring bush walks around my home. It makes my heart happy to be amongst the trees listening to the stories the birds tell me.

Sometimes stopping to take photos is a good excuse to catch my breath. This was an extra, extra hot day and the path up the mountain seemed to continue forever but as you can see the scenery made every step worthwhile.

Another day revealed a patch of delicate native orchids.

A close up of some fluffy moss. 

You can't help but admire trees that reach for the sky. 

Here's a couple of snaps from our new years eve. We enjoyed a beautiful summers evening munching our way through home cooked pizzas on our deck. Some hungry magpies wanted to join the party...

...then an orange bug flew in for a look. 

We had fortune cookies...

Mine revealed these auspicious gems. 

Mr Daisy and I like to take a selfie every New Years Eve so here we are wishing everyone a wonderful year to come.  

And finally a few words and phrases I've picked to start off the year : 
I seem to be seeing and hearing the word  'Joy' everywhere recently. 
'Go with the flow' is apt as I'll be having a busy few months of new experiences in all sorts of wonderful places. 
'Sew! sew! sew!' , there is always lots of sewing to be done and quilts to make. 
Last but not least my perennial favourite - 'Everything is possible!'.  I think I've proved how true that can be.

Happy New Year


  1. And a very Happy New Year to you! I must say you couldn't have had two more appropriate fortunes. Both are so very true for you. What a wonderful year you and all your lucky students have had. I love the Bubbles quilt. I live my life rather circularly (I don't think that is a real word, but you know what I mean). Thanks for a super inspiring year!

    1. Happy new year and thank you for such a wonderfully welcoming and interesting blog. I think I have found a wonderful happy place. 😀

  2. Happy new Year, looking forward to anyother year of amazing creativity from you....xx

  3. Mr & Mrs Daisy......how perfectly wonderful to see how you guys celebrate a new year.....home made pizza on a deck....hang in I think we did that too....no truely, we do that a lot....hubby is right into making the dough, cooking it in a gas top oven....it's a real ritual for him. When he can he makes a nice home brew beer to go along with it. However we have been a tad busy moving for the beer to happen but the pizzas still do. Great minds obviously love pizza! Have a wonderful 2018 you lovely people, and keep on expanding your wings dear Rachael, you make your own path, and it may involve a hot climb and a lot of puff, but you do get to see a bigger outlook. Xx

  4. This is a lovely start to your year. You do have a lot to looks forward to with your teaching. I hope it continues to give you a lot of pleasure and a sense of achievement.
    Happy New Year.

  5. Happy New Year to you both. It is amazing to see how much was achieved in the last year when you look back. Enjoy all your upcoming adventures in 2018.

  6. I wish you a year like 2017 with colors and lot of creativity ! I'm so glad to follow your adventures with your fun fun fun blog !

  7. Happy New Year! I think JOY is a good word for you--everything you do is so joyful!

  8. Happies of New Years for you! I know it will be filled with Joy and Fun!

  9. Stunning quilts, Rachael! You did achieve heaps during the year! That native orchid is beautiful. Wishing you and Mr D a wonderful year x

  10. Omg...I save your post for last...so I will end my day on a happy note.
    My favorite parts...the fake plastic orange beetle which just might be real...the picture in your shadow, the quilt of whites and reds and turquoise which is awesome use of fabric...and beautiful, talented you. Does Mr. Daisy know how wonderful you are???? xoxox

  11. Wishing you and mr. Daisy a very happy and joyful new year.

  12. happy new year Daisy!!! Your country is beautiful and so inspiring! I wish you a lot of joy with quilts!

  13. Happy New Year to you too! And do boast, it is so excellent to see your hard work, innovation and stunning quilts rewarded :grin:

  14. Super post Rachael, lots of your quilt, beautiful photos of the natural world, yourself and Mr Daisy! A very Happy New Year to you both!!


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