Let's start with a mixed bag of Christmassy photos I've taken over the past week.

A star from my GeeWhizz quilt.
When I made GeeWhizz, I was worried that it was looking too Christmassy but now we're in the midst of the festive season I quite like its hints of Christmas. It's certainly got me scribbling down ideas for Christmas quilts using these blocks. If any Christmas fans are doing my classes in 2018 and want to make a Christmas quilt as their project let me know, I've got some fun ideas!! 

A tiny reindeer spotted on some Liberty fabric I have been playing with.

The results of my Liberty play, a block featuring Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I love how utterly pretty these fabrics are, and being made of tana lawn they feel so lovely as well and beautiful combined with the Day in the Country shot cottons. I've made 8 blocks so far. Now you know what I'll be working on over Christmas.

The kangaroo paw flowers in my garden are putting on a very festive display. Whenever I see Kangaroo Paw I commend Mother Nature for inventing a flower that is furry and looks like little paws waving.

Here's a photo for the Doctor Who fans out there. A tardis recently landed in the Blue Mountains. Of course we had to jump in and get photos.

Being in a time machine made me think of zipping back to the blog post I published this day 7 years ago.  It's fun reading my earlier posts, It seems I didn't ramble on as much as I do now...
Okay let's go...


23 December 2010

Just in case you play a trivia game over the holidays and you're asked to name Santa's reindeer:


Dancer,  Prancer

Vixen,  Comet


Donna,  Blitzen

and Rudolf !

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a very special Merry Christmas full of laughter and delicious treats! 

Back in 23 December 2017

I hope you're enjoying the lead up to Christmas and have lots of lovely things planned. Mr Daisy and I are looking forward to a quiet time at home cooking delicious food, He's making Peking Duck and I'm going to whip up a Green Tea Pavlova. We'll sip bubbly drinks, listen to Christmas carols and watch the birds fly around our back yard. A lovely relaxing day being thankful for all the things we have.

Because I always like to add one more photo...

I recently received this serviette/napkin with a cup of tea with the words "Merry and Bright" on it. It's such a happy phrase and made me think that it could be applied throughout the year, not only at Christmas. Then I saw the phrase Merry Everything and Happiness Always which takes it to the next level and sums it up perfectly!!

So wishing everyone a big happy "Merry Everything and Happiness Always!!"