I had the loveliest comment from Daphne saying she enjoyed my photos of the 2017 Sydney Quilt Show. Thank you Daphne, I couldn't reply to say thank you because you are a "No Reply commenter"  but it reminded me that I hadn't shared my photos from the Australian Modern Quilt Show. So here we go - quilt photo time!!

The show, featuring quilts from around Australia was held from 3-5 November. This years venue, the Petersham Town Hall was a hit with everyone!! It was spacious, well lit and the building had lots of wonderful period details.. 

There's my quilt in the background. I think it looks great as a blurr.
Beautiful bouquets of flowers by Catherine Roberts added a special touch throughout the building.

I took a few photos... I never take as many as I mean to, and I didn't get pictures of all my favourites, there were so many but at least I took a few photos that I can share here. Each quilt is followed by the card with all the information about the quilt.

I've been a fan of Anita Brown's quilts ever since first seeing her them in a show a few years ago. I was so happy to hear she had won first place in the Improv  category  for her quilt Orange Slices.

My friend, and fellow Blue Mountains quilter Kyria Chapman entered this wonderful little quilt. It's the first time she has entered a quilt in a show. Love the wavy quilting lines.

The smallest quilt in the show was made by Carolynne Gordon. It's tiny at just 6 inches. To me its a good reminder that small things can have a big presence. So many details and hand made love in the stitches.

Bob James has made this quilt as way of teaching colour theory. It's also a wonderful striking quilt. 

This gorgeous quilt is by Michelle Law's of Buttontree Lane. I didn't take a photo of the card but you don't need a description to be able to admire the wonderful colours and fun fabrics she has used in this modern orange peel quilt.

Blue Delphiniums by Brenda Gael Smith. A wonderful, bold eye catching quilt won second place 2nd place in the small quilts category.

Loved this quilt for its wonderful use of big bold fabrics and wonderful hand stitching by Alison Kime.

Laurelinda has worked on this quilt for a year as her year 12 HSC Textiles Major Project. The result is wonderful and earned Laurelinda 3 ribbons, First in the Junior Category, a Judges Choice, and Viewers Choice. 

I entered 2 quilts. Not my usual pallete but both are interesting..

The first is this little quilt . I wrote about it in a past blog post here. It's never had an outing at a show so I thought it was about time.

My other entry was Gee Whizz. A continuation of my folded fabric quilts, I keep saying I'll make 10 of these quilts and then stop. I approached this with a more modern improv setting. This quilt is full of small details for those who look closely. It was wonderful hearing people spot things as they looked it. Thank you to everyone who came up to me with compliments.  It's always encouraging to get positive feedback about my work.

A friend of mine came to the show and found a pokemon floating in front of my quilt. 

As most of you know looking at quilts can work up an appetite.
Lucky the best cafe in the whole wide world was just around the corner.   

it wasn't just because it was called Daisy's Milkbar...

But because it had delicious food. 

Cute murals

and fun daisy bits and pieces everywhere you look. 

It was all made better with fun lunch mates - Michelle, Tracey...

and Kyria.

I go to quilt shows to look at quilts but it's the people that make quilt shows special. 
Here I am with Sharon and Skye of Berry Quilt and Co. They were vendors selling their fabulous wares. They also take the best selfies and have contagious smiles and make everyone laugh!!

My friend Leonie , myself and Mr Daisy found an old fashioned photo booth and couldn't help taking some fun photos. 

Here's an exhibition for textile art admirers. It's on now at Braemar Gallery in Springwood, The Blue Mountains. Jude Skeers is a knitter extraordinaire. In this exhibition he is making the knitted webs that he is known for. Paired with Michael Ripolili's paper cut work it's sure to be a wonderful exhibition. 

Wishing you happy days until I return with more colourful photos.