I've done it again- written a long saga of a post.  It could be a good idea to grab a cup of tea and settle in to catch up with my latest news. I quite like the idea of us chatting over a friendly cuppa. 

Last Friday Mr Daisy and I took off to Adelaide. It's always a wonderful feeling to be flying amongst the clouds, knowing you have exciting adventures ahead.

We landed in Adelaide, South Australia, and headed straight for the Art Gallery. Galleries are usually my first stop and are in fact quite often the reason I'll visit a city. I grew up in art galleries, so I love the echoing sounds of big rooms, that certain smell, and of course the art. There is always something to admire and inspire.

In this case I knew that there were a couple of pieces made by the Tent Makers of Cairo. I'd only ever seen these works in photos so to see the work in real life was a treat. I didn't take many photos. I think I was just immersed in the beauty and forgot to take close ups.

Mr Daisy suggested I jump in a photo to show how big this tent panel is. It was a coincidence that what I was wearing just happened to match. 

I'm drawn to all sorts of art, more often contemporary works but I am fascinated by portraits and  thought I'd share this striking painting from the 1500's by Robert Peake.

If you look closely you'll see the dress is decorated with embroidered clamshell shapes and zillions of pearls. The thread looks silver but I'm not sure that was possible. Where's a fashion historian when you need one...

Beautiful sumptuous folds of fabric. Oh how I wish I could see this dress in real life. We're lucky we can travel back in time through paintings to see such wondrous things.

From one art gallery to another...

The main reason we had travelled to Adelaide was for the Dare to Differ show,  a group exhibition of Contemporary Quilts in which I had two works hanging. 

What does one wear to a quilt exhibition opening? 
Why a patchwork dress of course!!!

This beautiful creation is the work of Valerie Fritz of With Flare on Etsy. 
I came across a photo one day and it was like seeing my dream dress. The thing that impressed me the most was the line from her description
" I am Really proud of this piece as it represents my spirit as an artist".
Its such a great feeling knowing my purchase has enabled an artist to create her beautiful art work. 
I also love that it is made of handcrafted Dutch Wax and Ankara print fabrics which I love.

Happiness is a pretty dress that comes to life when you twirl.

Not quite cinderella slippers but cute pink stockings added a bubblegum peek-a-boo as I walked. 

On to the exhibition at Gallery M 
I could see Zap Zing Zowie from the entrance...

It is such a well hung show with considered thought given to colour and the different shapes and themes of the quilts. 

In this line up from left to right:

Improvisation:Purple by Ruth Galpin
Zap Zing Zowie - Rachaeldaisy
Fruit in Still Life - Melanie Hill
Blue Delphiniums - Brenda Gael Smith
Sky Tartan - Joy Harvey
Toffee Apple - Robyn Cuthbertson

It was great to see Zap Zing Zowie hanging next to fellow NSW quilter Brenda Gael Smith's eye catching quilt Blue Delphiniums.

Suzanne Gummow and I had chatted a little about delivering quilts etc and she was lovely, but when we met in real life I think it's obvious we are kindred spirits with our love of colour and passion for textiles. 

On another wall...
Left to right we have :
If these walls could speak - Linden Lancaster
Fair and Square - Rachaeldaisy 
OMBRE - Carolynne Gordon
Sentinal - Entwined Forest - Linda Balding

My Fair and Square quilt was once again hanging next to a favourite NSW quilter Carolynne Gordon and her beautiful OMBRE quilt. I didn't get a proper photo of Carolynne's quilt but here is one I took at the Sydney Quilt Show. I love how the texture she has created gives the quilt  a painted look.

The official opening included included speeches from renowned art quilter Sue Dennis.

The president of the South Australia Quilters Guild, Christine Baker

The Dare to Differ Committee

Susanne Gummow stepped up to announce the winner of the Dare to Differ - Most Innovative Award.

The next thing I know I was up the front with a microphone in my hand.
I truly didn't expect the win. After I found my voice and gathered my thoughts my speech went along the lines of how elated I was to have not just one but two works included in such a prestigious exhibition. The honour was magnified when I found out Fair and Square was used for publicity, to me that was a huge prize in itself. To hear my name announced as the recipient for the major award blew me away.

I think you can tell from this photo I was a bit teary. I'm really over the moon and it is an award I'll carry in my heart forever. To have my creativity rewarded in such a way means the world to me. 

Karen Bigg of Brother Sewing Australia was there to present me with a sewing machine - a Brother F420 valued at $1200. Thank you Brother for such a generous prize and for generously sponsoring the exhibition.

And a big thank you to all the friendly South Australian quilters who welcomed me with open arms. We met so many lovely people, once again proving that quilters are the best!

The next day there was a glossy article in the Weekend Magazine of the Adelaide Advertiser. What a great thing to see a quilt show featured. The exhibition is on until the 25th of September so if you're in Adelaide try to see it if you can.

 On Saturday Mr Daisy and I took in the sights, we caught a tram to see the beaches at Glenelg.

The sky was particularly moody but as luck would have it we managed to miss the rain.

In true holiday mode we ate lots of delicious food...

 ...had several cups of tea.

and sampled a few cocktails.

It was just a flying visit so on Sunday morning it was back across the clouds to our mountain home.  Thank you Adelaide for a wonderful and memorable time. 

Meanwhile in the sewing room...

Seeing as this post is mostly about my yoyo quilt here's some peeks of another version in the works

Yes, that's denim. I guess it was only a matter of time before I combined two textile loves and made a denim yoyo quilt. I didn't plan to share this photo so the socks aren't staged, they're just my lucky leopard print socks. 

I was thrilled to see this amazing version of Ric Rac Razzamazz made by Janice Bartlett of the Illawarra quilters. It's so wonderful in every way, the colours and fabrics...

and the custom quilting by Jenny Hancock of Angel Cake Quilting is sublime.

 I've also been busy folding and sewing but more about that another time.

Well done if you made it to the end. You deserve another cup of tea! Thank you for listening to my adventures. I'll be back next week with more colourful tales of fabrics and fun times, until then have a wonderful week.