Catching up on colourful times

Hello!! It's me!!

I think I've said this before but the longer I leave writing a blog post the harder it is to know where to start... How about I just waffle on, throw in a bit of every thing, with lots of photos. Here goes...

I've been so enjoying teaching at Material Obsession. This photo is just the entrance to the Aladdin's cave of colour, inspiration and warm smiles that greet you as you enter the shop.

We had a wonderful Saturday Pine Burr workshop. 

The class was full of super stars and the results were fabulous!!
I loved Michelle's pretty fabrics..

Michelle (@coleandtaffy) and I.

This is Sue's wonderful block. Sue's already booked in for the next workshop in October and is bringing her best friend, mum, sister and her son!! It's going to be a blast!!

Cath (@cathmosely) used beautiful colours and a great mix of prints for her pine burr. 

 Super fun times with Susanna and Maddison!! ( I have such a goofy photo face!)

 The Friday class are taking the blocks to all sorts of creative and wonderful places!!

My Tuesday ladies sew faster than lightning and whip up quilts in no time. I have to run to keep up with these clever ladies!!

Here's Cristina with her version of Gypsy Carnival. Such beautiful colours inspired by the shell feature fabric.

Danuta is going to get creative with a happy festive fabric she has had in her stash for years waiting for that right moment. 

A few close ups ...

Such a fun party!!

 For those who are curious the fabric is called Fiesta by Terry Mangat for Freespirit Fabrics.

A quick photo of  morning tea before all the sweet, delicious melting moments were eaten. I'm a strawberry girl myself. 

Another fine day I had the pleasure of spending time with the Illawarra Quilters guiding them through my Chunky Blooms blocks. I teach techniques I use, how I go about coming up with flower designs and then its all about making flowers. 

This was Summer's first workshop and she was such a star!!! She leapt into action and tried every technique with such sunny enthusiasm. She has plans of making all sorts of blocks and having her quilt ready for the 2018 Illawarra Quilters show.

This flower grew step by step and changed as each element was added. Such a joy to watch it evolve.

Love all of these sparkly fabrics and the dragon fly sitting on a petal is the perfect finishing touch.

It was the Canberra Quilt Show recently. On the spur of the moment Mr Daisy and I took off down the highway, we had our party music on and enjoyed the scenery as it rushed by.

It was worth it to see Whizz Bang! in another city on its tour around Australia. As you can see from the photo it was just a quick visit to the show. We saw lots of beautiful quilts and then had lunch with one of my most favourite people in the universe. Quilts and friends = happy times!!

In another part of the country I have two works hanging in an exhibition that is opening in Adelaide this Friday. Dare to Differ is a juried exhibition featuring contemporary art quilts from around Australia. It's an honour to be included and I'm especially over the moon that my Fair and Square yoyo quilt has been used for their promotional material,. I'm flying over on Friday for the opening. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of Adelaide quilters. I'll have some fun photos to share next week..

Meanwhile back in my sewing room...

I'm working on lots of different things at the moment. I can be superstitious about showing projects before they're ready but you can imagine me surrounded by colourful fabrics, stitching away with this sweet fairy that was a lovely gift,  keeping me company.

When I'm not sewing I've been walking. It's such a perfect time of year. No bugs or snakes and walking warms me up on a cold winters day.

I'm so lucky to have all of these beautiful places  a hop, skip and a jump from where I live, it seems a waste to not enjoy it. 

Beautiful scenes like this recharge my batteries

and make my heart smile. 

Did you know I could turn into a mermaid...

Sometimes I do stop and put my feet up, it's rarer than a blue moon but here is a photo to prove it.

Wishing you a colourful week. 

Catching up on colourful times


  1. Another burst of wonderful colour, and a very inspiring post! Those chunky floral blocks look like heaps of fun to make!

  2. You are surrounded by so many beautiful things! No wonder your creativity runs in high gear. I can't wait to see what's coming up next from you!

  3. Love seeing your mermaid tail and colorful photos as you continue to inspire the quilters around you.

  4. There's a lot of quilting events going on in Australia ! So cool that your share pictures for us on the other side of the world. :-)
    ps : I'm dreaming of teleportation ...

  5. You're so busy it's a wonder you have time to sew for yourself :) Always love seeing all that beautiful colour.

  6. Wow, you have been so busy. No wonder all is quiet here on your blog. Looks like your classes are taking on a life of their own. How exciting.
    I think it was wonderful that you zipped to Canberra to visit you quilt. And obviously there is lots going on behind the scenes as well. Sounds like fun!!

  7. Lovely colours plenty of energy!
    Congratulations for your creativity!!!
    Best regards from Andorra.

  8. Awwwww that's sweet, because you're one of MY favourite people in the universe! Always good times spending them with you and Mr Daisy!

    Loving all your adventures around this great land. Xxx

  9. It looks like you have been a very busy lady! All that color is very inspiring and lots of fun!

  10. I'd love to come to one of your classes, but it's a bit far to travel, shame. Loving your nature pics.

  11. This is such a fun post with so much goodness and cheer in it! Thanks for sharing everything, from the fun workshops to the amazing quilts to the beautiful scenes. You really brightened my lunch break up. :D

  12. Love all the colour, if you lived in NZ, you could walk all year round and not worry about snakes.

  13. Such sweet, whimsical flower blocks! Love seeing all your colorful fun!

  14. Just ready for bed...feeling a bit down, when I decided to do a blog check...Wahoo....struck gold with beautiful you and a terrific post...I can see that you are still making folks like me happy by sharing your color and joy..xoxo

  15. You've changed! I can't quite pin it down though, have you had a haircut, new lipstick colour? No don't tell me, there is just something a little must be the fantastic aura around you now you are a famous teach-ery person with travelling quilts and such. No I am just joshing you, nice new web presence my dear! Looks very professional and clean and bright and modern.....lovely!

  16. So fun to see what you've been up to: nary a slow moment in your life!! :-) It's good to see that you're being recognized for the amazing quilter that you are! And the nature around your house is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Hugs, your friend in Calif!!

  17. Oooh Rachael, what a great explosion of colors in your post ! And as usual, your students are soooo talented !
    Thanks a lot for sharing all these wonderful days you spent with them !

  18. Love the work you show us,so bright and colorful. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    Cheers Tilly

  19. Such a wonderful post! I enjoy your photos of the projects made in classes and all the glorious fabrics around. What is there not to enjoy in your part of the country, no wonder you feel recharged after a walk, I am pleased you said no snakes around - that would definitely keep me indoors! Also, I do like your new blog set, very much indeed.


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