An action packed April..

Here we are in April!! The leaves are just starting to get their autumnal colour, the nights are cooling and we're enjoying lovely gentle sunny days.

And April is shaping up to be an action packed month for me..

First up. I am honoured to have been invited to participate in an exhibition called Textiles Out Of Context. The show features innovative works by 20 textiles artists of the Blue Mountains, with weaving, spinning, knitting, costume design textile art, felt work, embroidery, quilting (that's me!!) and more.

The exhibition is on now at Braemar House and Gallery, 104 Macquarie Rd. Springwood, Blue Mountains until 30th April. The Gallery is open from 10-4pm Thursday - Sunday. Entry by gold coin donation

The official opening is tomorrow night ( Saturday 8th April) at 5.30pm - 7pm. and every one is welcome so if you're in the neighbourhood come along. There will be drinks and nibbles and amazing art. 
I'm not going to show my work until after the exhibition closes because I don't want to spoil the impact for those who go to the show, but I can show you a peek that has been used for promotion.

And here's a photo I took when I was making it. Rachaeldaisy Barbie couldn't help getting in on the action.

Now to a different city, well cities in fact!! Whizz Bang! has left to go on tour. First stop is Melbourne to hang at the Australian Quilt Convention and after that it travels to the big craft shows in each state as part of the Bernina Best of Australia exhibit. 

I don't think I ever showed the backing of Whizz Bang on my blog so here it it. Very scrappy and happy and some of my most favourite fabrics. It's made me curious about the other entrants backings. I wonder if any have colourful pieced backs? 

For me pieced backs honour the tradition of making do for patchwork and quilting. I think of all of those vintage pieced utilitarian quilts.

It won't be long until I get to see Whizz Bang! again because for once I'll be travelling to see one of my travelling quilts on show!

 Looks who's a Special Guest of AQC !!!

I'll be at by quilt every day of AQC at the Best of Australia exhibit between 11and 1pm so please come and say hello. I'm so looking forward to meeting lots of my blog friends and meeting new ones!!
I've never been to AQC so am making the most of being there. We're going to the opening cocktail party, have tickets for the Luke Haynes lecture and I have the most colourful dress ever made to wear to the Gala Dinner.
Years ago when I was a florist in Melbourne I would work on big displays for the Flower and Garden Show held at the beautiful heritage Exhibition Building so it's will be wonderful to visit again and see it full of amazing and beautiful quilts. I wonder if there's still a dent in the pillar where I knocked it with a big trolley of flowers.. oops.

Talking of florist days, I've been going through old photos and picked out a couple to show you.

It might be hard to see because the photo was taken through a window. I made a giant spider using moss for the body and pandanus leaves for the legs. It's sitting on a spider web of branches with big vine cocoons in the background.

Flowers of a different type - Zucchini flowers from the garden stuffed with feta.

And a lovely leafy smile. 
I hope you've got fun things planned for April too!!

An action packed April..


  1. Always lovely to see another colourful post from you in my blog reader! April is shaping up to be such a huge month for you! It's super exciting. Then it's May and then it's June and the quilt show! Booked my accomodation today, and mum has booked her flights so it's all on like donkey Kong.

    Also good luck at AQC! It's a really unique event. I've been a few times (once to see my own travelling quilt!) bu pt have never done classes or the special events. Always good fun though.

  2. Hi Rachael,this sounds like fun,what a shame I don't live closer,maybe I will see you at AQC,hope you have a lovely weekend .

  3. Oh would I love to be a fly on the wall or better yet, a plain old human in the flesh attending this wonderful exhibition. I hope you will be allowed to take lot's of photos after it opens. Your floral arrangements are wonderful. That is truly an art. I am so envious of your garden produce. Feta stuffed zucchini flowers sounds delicious!

  4. Always busy...:-)
    I love the idea for scrappy backing, why do we usually go for one piece? Less work I suppose....will have to try it sometimes.

  5. Great post, Rachael. So many things to enjoy. Wish I could see the exhibition, too many 1000s of km from you though! Don't forget to get a photo of you in "The Dress". Sounds wonderful.

  6. Enjoy your month. Exibitions are wonderful and inspiring events. Don't forget your red shoes so you can klick your heels and return .

  7. Textile artist.....yep love that! So it won't be a "tapestry" on display.......wink wink.....or a blanket......lolz.......but a quilt I believe!!
    I can see how your florist work has led you to your wonderful play with fabric and guess what, I have booked my play day at the AQC.....and I will find you.....hhehehehehe. What a wonderful busy creative time ahead for you and you deserve it all.

  8. It's such a pleasure to see a post come up from you, always full of lovely goodies! Congratulations on the Braemar exhibition and your spot at the AQC, hope both go really well

  9. Sounds busy in the best your pieced backing! Such a great idea enjoy your show x

  10. This old woman is just sitting here with a bowl of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles instead of the sad bowl of kale that I should be having.
    I decided to go to bed instead of obsessing about how I could be 40 again, when what to behold...a blog post from my favorite Racheldaisy!! I am so happy about your fun April...the more folks who can admire you....and your work, the better!! Thanks for the lift...xxxooo

  11. What a happy month April will be, no foolin'.

  12. Your star is still rising! congratulations!
    those stuffed blossoms look delicious - yum
    have fun with everything!

  13. I won't be making it to AQC but I look forward to seeing Wizz Bang when it comes to Perth!

  14. Wow--you have a very busy month ahead--good thing you have Rachaeldaisy Barbie to help out!

  15. Sounds like an exciting month - have fun!

  16. You have a very exciting month ahead of you. It will be exciting to have you here in Melbourne. I hope the weather is kind for the show!!

  17. It sounds like your feet will barely touch the ground this month. It will be one to remember for all the right reasons.

  18. Exciting news ! Enjoy the month !

  19. I was delighted to see you're coming to Melbourne! Hoping to catch up with you (actually, meet you!) then, and see your quilt too. Happy travels to your quilt and you.


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