My posts seem to be getting longer and longer but it's all lovely colourful quilt stuff so surely that's a good thing.

It was the Tuesday Material Obsession class yesterday
These ladies are really creating amazing blocks and even finished wall hangings. Here are just a few bits of show and tell...

Christina is great at mixing colours.

Denuta made a wall hanging that includes lots of ric rac highlights.

Helena is addicted to doing these feature fabric blocks. I'm hope she'll keep going with these wonderful Kaffe Collective fabrics.  

This gorgeous shell fabric...

...became this fun block.

How cute are these can-can-lady legs. 

And of course every class has quilters fuel..

Thank you Tuesday ladies!! We always have such a fun time!!


Last Saturday I went to The Caring Hearts Quilters airing of the quilts. It is one of my favourite shows to visit because there's something special about seeing quilts hanging outside, especially in the wonderful setting of the Australian Arms Hotel Museum.

As you scroll through the photos you'll see how they make the most of the buildings to showcase their quilts and if something doesn't move it has a quilt draped over it. 

The Caring Hearts Quilters are a group of 9 quilters who make quilts for various charities, organisations and hospitals. They use donated fabrics, UFOs, quilt tops and quilts. It's amazing to think all of these wonderful quilts are made by so few from what they have on hand.
The quilt show raises money so they are able to pay for essentials such a batting and thread. 

As you can see from the blue skies the show was blessed with the most beautiful day.

 I like seeing the quilts dance in the breeze.

and the wonderful variety of quilts,

from traditional, to bright modern styles, pretty applique and lots of scrappy happy quilts. 

Sometimes there would be curious museum pieces peeking out from behind the quilts.

Every quilt show should have a few wagons to display quilts on. 

More quilts!! They were everywhere!! I'm not sure exactly how many but I would say there were at least 150 quilts. It's wonderful to think that all of these quilts will go out into the community to brighten peoples days.

  Let's finish with a beautiful heart quilt.

I hope you've enjoyed the show as much as I did. To find out more about the Caring Heart Quilters visit their Facebook page here.